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SKA Observatory

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Stoneseed support SKA Observatory in delivering a global science and engineering project to build two of the world’s largest radio telescopes

SKA Observatory is an intergovernmental organisation with its global HQ located in the UK, newly established facilities in Australia and South Africa and partnering arrangements with around 100 organisations across 20 countries.

The SKA Observatory initially approached Stoneseed to provide crucial resources while recruitment processes ran their course. This followed the establishment of the SKAO as an intergovernmental organisation and its new Council approving the start of telescope construction.

Stoneseed were able to supplement the SKA Observatory team with flexible, on demand resources after engaging with our PMaaS model. It meant they were able to ensure that their projects could continue while they navigated recruitment challenges.

For the last eight months, SKA Observatory has made great use of our flexible resource model initially engaging a Project Control Manager and a Digital Project Manager for the Mid telescope and currently working with a Digital Project Manager for the Low telescope and a Business Analyst.

The SKA project is a global science and engineering effort overseen by the SKA Observatory (SKAO) to build two of the world’s largest radio telescopes in Australia and South Africa.  131,072 antennas will compose SKA-Low, the SKAO’s low frequency telescope in Australia, while 197 dishes will compose SKA-Mid, the SKAO’s mid frequency telescope in South Africa.

Stoneseed provide IT Project Management resources, on a flexible basis and to a variety of industries. Stoneseed’s innovative on-demand resource model allows you to dial up and down IT project resources in sync with your delivery needs. With some reasonable planning, Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) provides access to a wide portfolio of project skills, made available against your demand schedule, from a single Project Manager, Business Analyst, Technical Advisory or PMO expert for a few days, right through to a large team of fully utilised project professionals.

With such an exciting and innovative project, Stoneseed are delighted to be supporting SKA Observatory and with further demand expected, we will continue to work with SKA Observatory in order to ensure they have access to quality resources as and when they need them in line with their project demand.


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