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You are not the same as your competitor. In business, it is the tiniest idiosyncrasies that can create the greatest difference – your USP. When it comes to the approach taken towards project delivery (the methodologies), Stoneseed understands the importance of these differences. With Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) we will never advise based just on what happens to be the latest trend, or what worked well for a previous client. Stoneseed’s methodology will always be the best fit for you.

Benefit from these 3 core pillars of every Stoneseed methodology


The methodology deployed is always fit for purpose. It aims to provide the right amount of governance, balanced with the need to deliver the project outcomes – we don’t implement process for processes sake.

Based on experience

Our team are vastly experienced in the delivery of projects and project-based outcomes.  The approach utilises this experience to ensure that projects are delivered in the most effective, efficient and controlled way.


We aim to transfer the skills and knowledge we have in Project Delivery to your onsite teams so that they too can deliver successful outcomes in the future.

Of course, we have a phased approach, 6 phases to be exact, as you would expect all good project management organisations to have, but success doesn’t come from the methodology itself, more in the way it is implemented.

Established project methodologies

Waterfall, Agile, Quick Waterfall… The approach taken to project delivery (the methodology) varies from client to client, dependent upon what currently exists, the organisations approach to risk management and the overall maturity of Project Delivery.

Tool sets

Stoneseed’s RMS toolset helps improve resource management and plan capacity with full visibility into the utilisation of resources, timesheet/ expense approval and budget tracking – meaning we get the right people aligned to the right project, at the right time.

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