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Straight Talk on Project Management

I love those moments when something in your “outside work life” teaches a lesson that you can take into the office and improve how you operate – when life imitates art (and what we do IS art – 100%!!!!) Over

It’s never good to hear a passionate project manager describe their projects as “meh”! Bex lives and breathes IT Project Management. She leads a team that, by any measure, would be considered successful: always delivering business case; always on time

This is the most charmingly geeky and most ‘Project Managery’ conversation I’ve ever been a part of! I won’t lie … I loved it!! And it led to a surprising observation. A little background. Some colleagues and I were brainstorming

“Everyone needs a Dale,” a colleague said this week referring to a valued member of our team, “He’d do anything for anyone.”   This is one of the things I love about Stoneseed, our team, and the culture we have evolved.

Accountability in IT Systems and Projects is a hot topic right now. You don’t have to dive too deep into the story recently told by ITV’s Mr Bates vs The Post Office before you ask yourself, “Who knew what and

Experience as a service – the solution for the looming IT project management talent gap The PMI’s Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap Report 2017-2027 said, distilling nine pages into half a sentence, that by 2027 there will be

A project management team’s new hire asked her onboarding supervisor a brilliant question – Why? “Why?” is always a great question, this one was particularly illuminating. The trainer was explaining the team’s fairly unique binary approach to scrum sprints, which

I have lost count of how often I’ve either written about, or read about, “The IT Project Manager of the future”!! Or the evolution of the profession!! Or the key skills that project managers will need next year or in

Without sounding all Holly Willoughby, “Firstly, are you OK?” I mean it, really, how are things? As you, maybe, take a break from IT Project Management to read this – how do you feel about jumping back in and cracking

The next couple of years will see extensive Digital Transformation and regeneration of many, if not most, businesses and organisations.   It’s not a bold or groundbreaking prediction, I mean, it’s happening already! Game changing technologies are revolutionising business operations and

It was Steven Covey who coined the phrase “begin with the end in mind” in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I’ve always loved that simple idea – have clarity about what the outcome must look like

“Where do you see yourself in five years?” In a recent blog, TOP 3 WAYS TO RETAIN IT PROJECT TALENT AND HOW TO REMAIN EFFECTIVE WHEN YOU CAN’T I shared a Director People’s story of how a candidate had flipped

As I write, 2024 is looming! Demand for Project Managers is booming! Rather than rest on their laurels and enjoy the benefits of a talent driven market, the best IT Project Managers are honing their skillset to the needs of

Question: Who makes the best Project Manager, Business Analyst or even CIO – the “stick-arounder” or the “move-abouter”? I have recently noticed a pivot in hiring preferences, which is paradoxically both ground-breaking and yet, also so subtle that I can’t

Is it “National Clear Your Desk Week” or something? My social media timelines are full of IT project management friends and acquaintances announcing new positions. On LinkedIn resumés are being refreshed and updated, meanwhile Instagram and Facebook are full of

Isn’t it beautiful when an IT Project team execute and implement with total cohesion from top to bottom? When colleagues become team-mates, and when leaders understand who they are leading, I think a team becomes almost unbeatable. LESSONS FROM A

I love to learn lessons from big projects so, to be honest, I’ve been writing and adjusting this blog for a while! Pretty much since the new high-speed line was announced between London and the Midlands (and the North), I’ve

“No. We don’t have a Business Analyst, with budgets as they are, we can’t afford one.” If I had a pound for every time, I hear something like this, I could buy EVERYONE a Business Analyst!! What can’t you afford?

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”– Nelson Mandela I heard something on a podcast this week that was both an epiphany and blindingly obvious in equal measure, in fact, its genius was its simplicity. “If you find

The IT Project Management landscape is rapidly and constantly evolving, and with the increasing integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in IT projects, Project Managers are faced with new challenges but also new opportunities. Perhaps paradoxically, despite technical advancements, one “soft

Do you have a huge IT project challenge right now? A problem that is keeping you awake, maybe even a project that is failing, or at risk of slipping into a pathway to failure?  A couple of my PM friends

Empowerment, autonomy, ownership – these buzzwords have rattled around for a few years now in relation to IT Project talent. Most project managers, business analysts (etc) would agree that they have the power to schedule their own time, track their

I can hear the movie trailer voice-over: “In a world where business change is forged through IT, where innovation and progress are constant, one unsung superhero stands tall, the pillar of all successful endeavours: IT Project Manager.” When I started

“At least AI should sort the talent gap,” joked Paul, a tech HR Director, with a propensity for dark humour. Actually, what with AI “taking all our jobs” and the raft of well publicised tech layoffs lately, you’d expect the

The right project management methodology (PMM) lays the foundations for a successful IT Project, it’s that simple. The correct methodology creates structure and governance, defines communications and documentation, and establishes principles that guide the team and help them stay on

Interesting perspective from a Chief Experience Officer, Sandy, on how her organisation is making decisions – “we’re like a car that’s forgotten it has a steering wheel and more than one gear”. I love this metaphor. I can see the

CIOs have always been “at the wheel” when it comes to business change through IT, in this post-pandemic-AI-led era though, the CIO’s role in driving change feels to have organically boomed and flourished – or as a CIO friend modestly

Creating a great IT Project “workplace” has never been more important – or harder for that matter! Post pandemic, the way we work and where we work has changed, it may never go back to how it used to be.

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