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These books cover a wealth of topics from Project Management as a Service, to an array Project & Programme Management real life stories.

They reflect our passion for Project Management, while remaining light-hearted, and in places we hope funny and informative.

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David continues to produce insightful and informative blogs for Stoneseed’s avid 5,000+ blog readership. He is also regularly published in Industry publications including:,,, and

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"Came across Stoneseed via a friend and I must say I found the e-books really insightful  and rich in project management knowledge."   

Project Manager

The blogs are very interesting and informative with really good use of real experiences. Always good to see new approach/technique or just to see confirmation of your own thoughts."

Nigel Wakeman - Head of PMO - WRC plc

"I like reading your blogs, always really informative and interesting."

Eddie Palaci - Director - Service Delivery/Project Management - Network Sourcing at AT&T

"I find the Stoneseed blogs very interesting, well written and not least, supportive in what can be quite a lonely role sometimes - that of Project Manager."

Steph Harby - Project Manager

"The blogs are a great read and I regularly distribute to the team!"

Head of Project Delivery

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Straight Talk on Project Management

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