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Illingworth Research Group, engage with Stoneseed’s Project Management services

Illingworth Research Group, a Syneos Health Company, engaged with Stoneseed’s Project Management services to develop a unique, automated, scheduling system to assist in the management of Clinical Research projects.

A Stoneseed team of five, headed up by Senior Project Manager Andrew Gallagher, have been working with the Illingworth team to research, develop and implement the rollout of the internationally used scheduling system. The custom-built software was deemed a necessity as the company were no longer able to sustain their growth with the manual processes in place. The new system, which has been built out over the past couple of years and is on-going, holds a database of qualified clinical nurses who are able to administer clinical trial processes at residential homes.

Managing third party project teams through development and release, Andrew and his team have, so far, managed to successfully implement phase one of the three phase project. Illingworth’s 100+ projects have been inputted into the new system. A system underpinned with the basics of Salesforce and enhanced with a third-party proprietary Scheduler from Sirenum; it has created an auditable, trackable, automated and GCP compliant piece of software designed to save time, free up the Project Managers to focus on their highly specialised roles and allow the Project Co-ordinators to continue with the day-to-day scheduling activities.

Illingworth partnered with Stoneseed and chose our Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) model as it gave them the benefit of being able to ramp up and down their project team, from one to five, in line with project demand. They were able to utilise multiple skillsets such as Project Managers and Business Analysts. Stoneseed’s PMaaS provides access to project professionals, resources and tools at a flexible and predictable cost. Our services portfolio offers a true end to end service, from IT Technical Advisory, Business Analysis Services and PMO Services through to Programme & Project Delivery.

The remaining project phases will see the rollout of a mobile app, to nurses, firstly to provide easy onboarding. Further integration with Docusign will permit the nurses to upload CVs and any medical related paperwork needed for validation of their skills. Secondly, the app will become a portal for active nurses, within the database, to update their personal information and to accept or decline clinical visits.

The system is expected to save Illingworth an exponential amount of time and overhead costs and Stoneseed will continue to support the on-going project during its next two phases, looking to be fully operational in the next 18 months.


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