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Five signs your interview is going well

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Five signs your interview is going well

It is hard to determine whether your interview is going well. However, you should be able to pick up certain signs from your interviewer to figure out if you’re saying and doing the right things. 

Have a look below at 5 indicators that tells you you’re doing things right. 

1. Conversation
You can get a good sense of how the interview is going if the experience becomes conversational. If an interviewer is interested, they will move away from asking direct questions and start relaxing into getting the information they need by creating an enthusiastic exchange of information. 

2. Interviewer is ‘selling’
The first thing your interviewer will want to do is verify the skills and qualifications on your CV. They will want to talk through your experience and ask you situational questions to ensure you’ll be a good fit. If they progress to selling you the idea of working with the company, you’re probably on to a winner. This means that they see you as the potential answer to fill the role, so they will spend time explaining what is currently going on in the company and how you would complement that. 

3. Length of interview
On average, an interview should last around 30 minutes. If your interview extends beyond your allotted time, it is a VERY good indicator that things are moving in the right direction. Your interviewer wants to know more about you as a person and not just the points on your CV.  

4. The tour
Not all companies do this, but a lot of them do. When the suggestion is made to look around the workplace, it’s a positive indicator that you’re seriously being considered for the role. The interviewer feels confident introducing you to your potential colleagues and encouraging you to feel comfortable in your future workspace.  

5. Timing
Lastly, another great sign that your interview is going well is when you are asked about your availability. This information is of direct importance and would more than likely, not be asked unless you going to potentially receive an offer.  

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