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A day in the life of a PMO Coordinator

We interviewed one of our PMO coordinators about their role and what it’s like to work for Stoneseed…

What is your role at Stoneseed?

I am a PMO Coordinator at Stoneseed and I have been a member of the team for just over 2 years. I’ve worked for a number of clients on different projects, and I tailor my role to meet the needs of the client. As a PMO coordinator, I support the overall project management function across the organisation by monitoring project progress and providing analysis to help ensure that projects are delivered on time. I work closely with Project Managers to prepare project plans and schedules. I also provide any administrative tasks such as creating and maintaining project documentation, plans, and reports.

Please describe the core daily activities of your role.

A typical day usually starts with reviewing any priorities and any open tasks that are due for that day, followed by the tracking of a project’s status and what the next steps are to help progress the project. During the day, I will work with the project managers to help fill in any gaps that we might have in the data and provide any support that they may require in assisting with tasks. In addition to this, I will update any documentation and keep any internal tools/ trackers up to date. Depending on the client’s needs, I may facilitate weekly or daily stand-up meetings to review progress, identify blockers and discuss the upcoming tasks.

What are the main challenges you face in your role?

Project managers, stakeholders and higher management tend to be extremely busy and getting them to commit their time can sometimes be challenging.
In order for me to create some reporting, I may need a project manager’s help with filling in any gaps that we may have in the data, or I may need assistance from higher management with creating a process document. These are a couple of examples that I’ve been previously been tasked with and found that I wasn’t able to complete as quickly as I would have liked as the tasks were dependant upon other people’s availability.

Which aspects of the role do you most enjoy?

No two clients are the same, so I find it interesting learning how each client operates from their internal governance to the internal tooling that they may use, and I love working with people. With each new client comes a new set of challenges and requirements so I find myself continuingly learning and I can honestly say that it never gets boring.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Stoneseed?

My favourite thing about working for Stoneseed is that everyone is incredibly friendly and supportive, and everyone is more than willing to help each other out. For example, whilst I worked with one of my previous clients, they used a tool that I wasn’t too familiar with, so I raised this with Stoneseed. By the end of the day and despite their own workload, I had several Stoneseed subject matter experts (SME’s) offer their help with showing me the ropes on how to use it.
Stoneseed also encourage professional growth. I was always interested in doing the Prince2 course and Stoneseed actively encouraged this. I recently passed my foundation certificate and I’m on track to completing the Practitioner course.
The company culture is of a healthy work life balance and it’s genuinely a team of lovely people.


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