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5 ways to thrive

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5 ways to thrive in the world of Project Management

There is a difference between managing a project and being a Project Manager. Being qualified and understanding the theory doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be successful.

Have a read below of five ways to thrive as a Project Manager in the world of Project Management. 

  1. Accepting change

All Project Managers have their own methods, skills and ways of solving IT & Project challenges. While years of experience and knowledge cannot be taken away from you, it is worth noting that the world of Project Management is constantly changing, and you must learn to change with it. Failure to accept change can result in a diminishing rate of Project Delivery success.

  1. Willingness to learn

Just like being able to accept and adapt to change, your willingness to learn is key in the Project Management world. You need to have an ability to apply different strategies to differing projects. Project Managers only start to become unsuccessful when applying strategy, that worked on one Project, to others. Every project is different so your willingness to learn from others and learn from your mistakes all adds up to success.

  1. Preparation

This one is a no brainer. Project Management is all about preparation. A project can live or die depending on the preparation that has gone in at the planning stages. Before work even begins, as a Project Manager, you need to ensure that all elements are in place – from determining the framework of the project to developing an effective team to ensure project delivery success.  

  1. Leadership

Project Managers are not always good leaders. Knowing and understanding the difference between Project Management and Leadership paves the way for you to develop leadership qualities. Of course, there are similarities between Project Management and Leadership in terms of the success of your team. By focusing on team performance, by inspiring and motivating, you can begin to develop your role as, not just a Project Manager, but a motivational leader.

  1. Be transparent/ Communication

Transparency and good communication are essential elements of a successful Project. Big problems can arise when the Project Manager does not engage with the stakeholder(s) and only consider their own wants and needs in terms of what is important for the project.  Working together and focusing on why you both want the Project to succeed will constitute a much better success rate.

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