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Access a toolbox full of talent

PMaaS = ∑ Capability + Flexibility + Control. The equation is simple, really.

Stoneseed frequently emphasise the flexibility within the Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) model but, what does that really mean?

No doubt, if you follow our content or are familiar with the term PMaaS, you’ll know that resource flexibility offers the opportunity to use our experienced project resources on a flexible basis. You can turn up and turn down the frequency at which you engage that resource but, have you considered the capability available?

Stoneseed provide a varied array of project professionals; Project Managers, Programme Managers, Business Analysts, PMO Managers, PMO Consultants, Technical Advisory experts and more. Imagine having access to all these professionals, at any time, on a flexible basis. That is exactly what the Capability within the PMaaS equation gives you.

Not every project is the same and not every project has the same technical skill requirements. Often within the internal project team you’ll be missing a key element. How do you combat that? Do you retrain your staff, hire additional talent, or look for a contractor? All these options are slow and costly!

To recruit a contractor or permanent team member could take months and you’re also left dealing with current recruitment challenges and notice periods. With Stoneseed’s PMaaS, you can access a toolbox of skills!

We have a team of project professionals across Business Analysis, Project Management, Technical Advisory and PMO competencies who have worked within multiple industries and technologies.

We use a skills matrix, as a mechanism to continuously monitor the type of project experience and skillset available within our team. If a client has a requirement for particular skill or area of expertise, we then use the skills matrix to identify and align the appropriate resources for their specific requirement. It’s continuously updated so as and when our resource completes a new project, learn a new skill or when we onboard new resources, it just means we effectively have an efficient way of monitoring our ever-increasing delivery capabilities.

By borrowing a resource from the Stoneseed toolbox, you’re able to flex or switch out a resource for another type of resource needed to suit whichever stage of the project you’re at. Engaging with a PMaaS (Project Management as a Service provider), means you can inject external skills and update methodologies when and where you need them (for as long as you need them), all the while, upskilling your team! 

For more information on PMaaS, contact our team, and I’ll happily talk it through.  Alternatively, you can download our PMaaS brochure