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Stoneseed’s P3MO Portfolio Platform – the power of familiar and simple

As IT Projects become more complex, must portfolio management tools become equally complicated?

Or is there power in the familiar and the simple?

Stoneseed’s P3MO Platform harnesses the power of Microsoft’s 365 platform of tools including Planner (Microsoft Project), PowerApps, Teams, Forms, Automate, and Power BI, for a tailored deployment for your unique project portfolio needs. In this blog, we explore how.


Firstly, let’s agree on the “why”.

Improving your governance and reporting capabilities with established or new toolsets, is a key factor in PMO development and success.

Organisations benefit, in a number of ways, from the structured and strategic approach to managing a collection of projects, programmes, or initiatives:

Enhanced Communication;

Optimal Resource Allocation;

Standard Approach to Project Delivery;

Better Performance Measurement and Monitoring;

More Effective Decision Making and Prioritisation;

More Adaptive to Change;

Better “Slippage” Control;

Firmer Resource and Budget Control;

Improved Benefits Realisation;

Closer Alignment with Strategic Objectives;

and Greater Competitive Advantage.

Some organisations facilitate portfolio management by investing in and deploying new software solutions. These can be hugely effective, but they can also be a tad complex, at first, so time consuming to get to grips with and, as one PM put it to me, “like learning a foreign language”.

Increasingly, PMOs (Project Management Office) are nurturing a culture where their primary function is to support project managers and add value to their organisation, rather than enforce a complicated over documented process.

Also, with increased pressures on time and budget and greater focus on ROI it makes sense to get a better return on the software investments you’ve already made, like Microsoft 365’s project tools.


The fundamental building blocks of a project might be summarised as:

  1. Project plan.
  2. Communication of project plan to PMO and stakeholders.
  3. Management of activities and milestones.

Now, you can do all of this (and more) using Microsoft 365’s platform of tools, like with Planner (Microsoft Project).

That sounds simple – so why isn’t everyone just doing this?

The truth is, it is simple – but you need to know how to put all these readily available building blocks together. I mean, building a house is simple, in theory, one brick next to another and then another, and then more on layers on top, right? Of course not! It takes a time-served bricklayer to bring those bricks together to create a robust structure, and an architect to turn dreams and aspirations into blueprints in the first place.

Most organisations already have access to Microsoft 365, and probably use some of its elements, Planner, perhaps, and certainly Teams. What they don’t usually have is the means to build a full PMO platform. At Stoneseed, we can use the building blocks you have already invested in to build a world class P3MO platform with end-to-end reporting and all the elements syncing and connecting.


Stoneseed’s P3MO Platform harnesses the suite of powerful Microsoft 365 tools allowing you to operate cohesively and efficiently in a way that is instantly familiar, intuitive and uncomplicated.

Planner provides a user-friendly interface for project planning and tracking, and is the beating heart of P3MO, meanwhile PowerApps enables the creation of custom applications tailored to specific project needs and, therefore, exponentially extends the platform’s functionality. Workflows are automated by Power Automate, boosting overall efficiency and reducing time spent on manual tasks.

Using Planner, Forms, Power Automate and Power BI, Stoneseed’s P3MO ensures that data is not entered in multiple locations and is available, in any format, for any stakeholder.

Streamlined data collection and feedback processes, which enhance project communication and engagement, are facilitated by Forms and, talking of comms, Teams provides your collaboration hub, enabling greater teamwork and communication between project team members.

Finally, robust business intelligence and reporting capabilities are delivered by Power BI (allowing stakeholders to access valuable insights from project data) and the integration with Dataverse ensures a unified and secure data storage environment, promoting consistency and reliability across the entire platform.


Added together, these interconnected tools empower you to streamline project management, improve collaboration, and make the data-informed decisions that contribute to the overall success of your projects.

It’s how you add them together – that’s where the real magic happens!

Stoneseed’s P3MO has been in the making for some time now, we know those Microsoft applications inside out – what they do and, more importantly, what they can do. We’ve studied, observed and tested how they connect and interact with each other and how they can work independently and interdependently to deliver unprecedented levels of transparency and efficiency. We are both time-served architect and bricklayer!!

Furthermore, Stoneseed offer expert build and rollout for our P3MO reporting platform.


You also need good data at the front end to be able to communicate the project to the stakeholders and make better decisions.

This emphasis on the need for good data should run through the whole process, we prioritise data-driven decision-making by incorporating robust analytics tools.

A crucial aspect of Stoneseed’s P3MO is the efficient data capture mechanisms that ensure seamless collection and organisation of project data, facilitating accurate reporting and analysis, in turn enabling us to extract meaningful insights to allow informed and strategic choices.


Returning to the list of benefits that organisations adopting portfolio management enjoy, Stoneseed’s P3MO is designed to deliver:

Enhanced Collaboration: Stoneseed’s P3MO integrates advanced collaboration features ensuring that project teams can work together seamlessly. Rather than just facilitating cooperation, P3MO’s collaborative elements foster a culture of shared knowledge and collective achievement.

Automation: Streamlining processes is at the core of Stoneseed’s approach. P3MO’s automation features reduce manual effort, enhance efficiency, and minimise the risk of errors in routine, often mundane tasks.

More Efficient Work Management: The platform is designed to facilitate efficient work management, with tools to organise tasks, allocate resources, and monitor project progress more effectively, meaning that your projects stay on track and meet their milestones.

Lifecycle Transparency: From initiation, through planning, execution, monitoring, and closure, a holistic view of project progression is embedded into P3MO. An accessible and comprehensive perspective on your project lifecycles is among the core benefits of P3MO.

Slippage Control: Slippage is inevitable, and not necessarily a bad thing! With so much churn and change in the world though, it’s essential that we quickly understand and manage any slippage. Stoneseed’s P3MO helps you turn data identified project slippages to milestones, giving you total ownership of even the little detours and diversions that your project journeys can sometimes take.

Governance And PMO Solutions: P3MO has dedicated Project Management Office (PMO) solutions baked in, tailored to meet the specific needs of overseeing multiple projects. Standardised practices and optimal resource allocation are key to operating a portfolio of projects successfully and Stoneseed designed P3MO with this in mind.

It’s constantly evolving too!


When contemplating project portfolio management, it is empowering to realise that you don’t need a byzantine end-to-end process, or to splash mega-money on a convoluted portfolio management software application – you just need to turn on your computer and make better use of what you probably already have access to.

Stoneseed’s team of multi-industry, multi-sector experienced PMO experts, can help you enhance an existing PMO via our Consultancy Services, Identifying your PMO needs with reviews, assessments and workshops; due diligence questionnaires and gap analysis to build a implementation plan for deployment.


Find out more about Stoneseed’s PMO Services and P3MO Platform