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Increased need for flexibility

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The increased need for flexibility

So, we thought we would be emerging from the COVID Pandemic with some relief; in some ways, we have.
A vaccine was created within a year, and we were all allowed to go on holiday again, but fast forward a few months…

We are facing rising fuel and gas prices, a huge rise in the cost of living and the possibility of World War Three. All these things and the mini budget /Spring Statement announcement this week, means we are starting to see increased focus on control, particularly around resource forecasting, budgets and costs.

This got me thinking about Stoneseed Ltd’s, Project Management as a Service model and how key Flexibility is to cost control.

Then it hit me! PMaaS = ∑ Capability + Flexibility + Control. The equation is simple, really.

The element of Flexibility in projects is essential. Projects are not rigid, they are a living, breathing formula. Their many parts are always flexing, sometimes hitting snags, or over running …so you need flexibility to control costs!

With PMaaS, you have the flexibility to dial up and down IT project resources quickly, to meet delivery needs whilst gaining more control over costs.

Utilisation can be from 1 to 5 days per week and resources can be deployed to support just one project, multiple projects or a programme of projects in any geographical location. So, you can align resources as and when you need them, on a cost-effective, full-time, or part-time basis.

Flexibility in resourcing in turn gives you flexibility in costing.

For more information on PMaaS, contact our team, and I’ll happily talk it through. Alternatively, you can download our PMaaS brochure 


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