Straight Talk on Project Management

The interview

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Straight Talk on Project Management – The Interview

For a change of pace, and to give him a break from blogging, we decided to try out an unscripted and unedited candid interview with Stoneseed’s David Cotgreave, Professional Services Director. We have divided the interview into a series of bite sized topics. 

“In what I hope you will find an interesting and engaging discussion, through this video blog, we consider a range of topics from the impact of the Covid pandemic to future trends in Project Management. ” explained David.  

“Reflecting on my experience with Stoneseed and that gained by working with a diverse range of clients, I hope that you will find something of interest in the clips, but more importantly, I hope that you can draw parallels from the topics and examples discussed that can either help you in your current role or at least means you realise that you are not alone in the challenges you have faced over the last few years. “

We hope you enjoy these videos…

If you’d like to read David’s Straight Talk on Project Management books (there are 5 volumes available), click through below to access free downloads via eBook and PDF, or buy a copy from Amazon as a Kindle.


Episode One
Introducing David and Stoneseed: David discusses Straight Talk on Project Management and the state of the post- pandemic Project Management Industry.

Episode Two
Project Trends: Stoneseed client’s needs and the evolution of Project Management as a Service
Episode Three
Talent gaps, IR35 and the benefits of PMaaS
Episode Four
The Future
Episode Five
The Stoneseed Difference