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Efficient Project Delivery needs an effective Project Management Office (PMO). It links your business strategy to the projects required to deliver that strategy and introduces economies of repeatability in the delivery of projects.

Progressively, resource planning, forecasting and consistent, well-defined Project Management processes are becoming a challenge for business IT. Organisations with an efficient PMO are more than rising to these challenges and repeatedly benefiting from successful Project Delivery. Working with you, whether you need end-to-end PMO, assistance maximising your existing PMO, or a range of solutions in between, Stoneseed will shape your IT functions, and services to meet these ever-evolving challenges.

Aligning your PMO with ours is critical in the successful delivery of Project Management as a Service (PMaaS).

Project Management Office

Enhancing an Existing PMO

Your PMO is no longer considered a cost centre. You are increasingly being challenged to provide additional business value to your organisation. Projects must be delivered faster and cheaper, boards are demanding greater transparency. The PMO is the catalyst for optimised project resources and Stoneseed can help you and your organisation rise to the challenge.

Stoneseed’s PMO Assessment will take your PMO to the next level, from objective evaluation of existing PMO structure and the 12 core knowledge areas, to recommendations targeted to enhance it. Stoneseed will develop a roadmap for change, identifying key areas of opportunity, strength and weakness to work collaboratively with you to create an implementation plan for deployment.

PMO Assessment Brochure

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