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Stoneseed establish AAG’s PMO capabilities and refine business processes

Founded in 2009 in Chesterfield Derbyshire, AAG IT Services have grown to support clients all over the UK. With support services in Chesterfield, London, Manchester, and Sheffield, they monitor and support clients’ IT Infrastructure proactively and offer round-the-clock remote and onsite support.

AAG offer a full suite of IT services, support, and Cyber Security services across the UK. These services include Managed IT Support, Microsoft 365 and Cloud Infrastructure solutions. AAG work with businesses to build Strategic IT Roadmaps that help organisations to transform business performance and accomplish business goals.

AAG wanted to enhance their internal Project Management office (PMO) capabilities and improve end to end service governance & reporting.  Stoneseed were brought in to conduct an assessment of their current set up and advise improvements.

Stoneseed conducted workshop to scope the project, identifying and documenting the key areas to address.   We were then able to work up a 100-day plan for developing and refining their capabilities.

Stoneseed’s PMO 100 Day plan, bridges the gap between where your PMO is now and where it needs to be for it to be fit for purpose, for your current and also your future business needs. AAG’s plan was filled with the key activities that formulate the initial PMO set up/ refinement and function for the organisation, allowing us to establish the initial priorities and build a foundation for the longer-term operational development. Measurable activities and milestones enabled us to review progress of the 100-Day Plan to shape the PMO.

AAG’S plan went beyond a Standard PMO refinement service to include Business Analysis, process mapping AAG organisation to development more governance and structure within their end – to end process, from their sales process right through to their service transition process.

Stoneseed’s Business and Technical Advisory team were then brought in to detail and refine AAG’s resourcing, transition, and project documentation to then be able to map out their current sales project services process.  Stoneseed then introduced meetings, templates, and dashboards to help them implement a better end-to-end defined sales project transition service process.

Implementing a Project Management Office (PMO) can provide a number of business benefits for organisations of all shapes and sizes. However, for comparatively small, niche service providers like AAG, these benefits can be even more crucial in terms of their impact, not only on their internal operation, but also the delivery to their clients.

An effective PMO now helps AAG deliver projects more effectively and efficiently to their clients, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

AAG have benefited from standardised project management processes and templates; this consistency has reduced errors, enhanced project quality and saved time. The PMO also now provides quality assurance, setting standards for project deliverables, capturing lessons learned and continuously improving processes.

These improvements have helped to give AAG a competitive advantage by delivering higher-quality services, managing resources effectively, and ultimately achieving better business outcomes for their clients. The PMO may be comparatively small to start with, but one of the key benefits for a growing service provider is its scalability; the AAG PMO can now easily adapt to handle larger and more complex projects, ensuring that the company can scale without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

“Stoneseed’s PMO consultants supported the setup of our own Project Management Office, our project processes are now aligned to industry best practice, we can effectively track and manage our project data & Key Performance Indicators; and our Resource Management effectively balances demand and capacity.”

– Alexa Greaves, CEO

Stoneseed offer a complete Project Management Office (PMO) range of services from provision of single resources to a team of PMO experts; or a full PMO service package via a Managed Service. We also offer PMO Consultancy and Technical Advisory Services, if like AAG you have a PMO you wish to refine and improve. At Stoneseed our Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Office, with P3O qualified staff, is the backbone of every service we deliver via our Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) model. From onboarding clients to resourcing projects, through consultancy, service provision and transition, it is integral to the success of all our services.