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The rise and rise of hybrid Project Management methodology

One size hasn't fitted all in IT Project Management for many years. However, five years back a project team using Waterfall on a project that was more suited to Agile might have got away with it. I mean, perhaps they wouldn't have leveraged all the potential, they may, for example, have been slower ...
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As IT Projects Evolve in Complexity, You Need Something More RADICAL Than A RAID Log.

Think of the implementation phase of an IT Project. Exciting, right? All that pitching, planning and preparation has led to this point! You are ready and raring to go and as you line up the road ahead, your attention will have turned to how you document and communicate within your project. At this p...
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How Close To Achieving Your 2018 IT Project Goals Are You? Time to “aaSk” For Help?

As I write this, we are now well into the final quarter of 2018. October will soon become a distant memory, November will fly by in a blaze of bright lights as calendars are punctuated with celebrations for Bonfire Night, Diwali and Thanksgiving and then we will be on the inevitable treadmill to Chr...
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You are not an IT Project Manager. You are not a CIO. How you are so much more!

I was with a Project Manager friend, Steve, for a catch up this week when an old friend walked into the coffee house we were in. I introduced the old friend, Liz, to Steve and invited her to join us. After a few minutes, Liz asked Steve, "So, what do you do?" What would you have said in answer to th...
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Could disruption be your greatest IT Project opportunity?

I recently re-read the 2018 Project Management Institute (PMI) Pulse of the Profession report. I do this every year, reading and re-reading it, over and over, and each time it seems that I take something different away! One thing in particular, however, keeps jumping out and grabbing my attention fr...
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You Have No New Massages - A Deep Tissue Lesson for IT Project Managers

My Project Manager friend, Colette came back from her lunchtime massage today not as relaxed as she normally does. "Well that's a good way to lose potential business!" she said. The story she then told has lessons for project management teams and as it is also quite funny, I will share it with you. ...
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IT Project Talent Shortage. Is PMaaS Plugging The Gap?

A quarter of digital leaders (25%) believe that their business has an IT Project Management talent shortage. In many ways this is good news, I mean, this suggests that three quarters don't have a shortage, right?! Actually, it's even better news than that! The same report back in 2015 suggested 34% ...
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How to Marry Business Strategy With IT Project Management And Why You Must

I've written about the need for business strategy and IT projects to be aligned before. I can summarise the thrust of all the articles that I've ever written on the subject with two words - it's critical. I mean, otherwise, what’s the point? Yet, many IT Projects get greenlighted without sufficient ...
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Eliminating the IT Project Unpredictable – It’s More Judgement Than Luck

"Well that's a bit random!" said a Project Manager I was sat with recently as his project threw up one of those curved balls that only seem to happen at 4.59pm on a Friday, just as you're about to clock off for the weekend. The project had cutting edge visibility so the "random" occurrence in questi...
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PMaaS – The Golden Gate for IT Project Instant Gratification

What is your reaction to reading these three words … slow internet connection? I know! Me too. Waiting just a few extra seconds for a page to load can feel like forever! Smartphone apps have eliminated the need to wait for anything, from a taxi, to a table at your favourite restaurant to a date. On ...
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Fail Fast, Fail Often, Fail Well: The Key to IT Project Success

“I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan. An IT Project Manager I know, let's call him Richard, h...
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The Roast of a Project Manager

Have you seen the TV show "The Roast Of …"? Basically, it's like 'This Is Your Life' (if you remember that back in the day) but instead of celebrities coming on and praising the subject of the show, they turn up and spill the beans on their bad habits and worst moments. The most recent one I saw fea...
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The 7 Killer Traits of a ROCKSTAR Project Manager - A CIO's Checklist

A CIO sprang this on me this week. "David, what makes a great Project Manager?" It's one of those questions that you answer instinctively - great organiser, they deliver projects within deadline and budget, good communication skills, etc, etc. All true but I was a little disappointed by my instincti...
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When An IT Project Isn't An IT Project, Engagement Soars

Originally published on CIO.comCalling an IT Project 'an IT Project' may be doing your project a disservice. "This is NOT an IT Project ." This was the opening line of a pitch that I heard earlier this year ... it was a pitch for a green light for an IT Project! Brave start! It got me thinking. In m...
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How to Rescue A Failing IT Project - And When Not To

A significant number of IT Project Manager friends have reported shorter times between going live with a project and that project running into trouble or starting to fail.  This means that they have to be on their mettle from the get-go and bring all their experience of rescuing a project in to play...
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