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Is your IT Project Delivery a challenge?

Is your IT Project Delivery a challenge? Let me start by saying - it should be a challenge. Ground-breaking IT Projects that disrupt markets, drive innovation and create new revenues should push you to the outer edges of your limits and capabilities. Otherwise, what's the point? Challenges are like ...
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IT Project Management basics part one - Have we lost the art of SMART?

During a recent conversation about IT Project Management and, specifically how to set and achieve goals, I was told that something I'd said was, and I quote, "amazing". I think "amazing" is the most over used word in the English language these days, usually with the middle 'a' elongated, "amaaaaaaaa...
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IT Project Management: The value of experts. A moving story

What is it they say? The two most stressful things in life are moving house and commuting! People who live in mobile homes must be perpetually stressed! We just moved house and the process wasn't without its fair share of drama. You'll have been there yourself: the viewers who have just come for a n...
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Repealing Brooks’ law: how to manage IT projects without constraints

brooks-law Repealing Brooks’ law: how to manage IT projects without constraints
Brooks' law is an observation about IT project management which states "adding human resources to a late software project makes it later" It was written by Fred Brooks in 1975, in his book 'The Mythical Man-Month'. It is a 'law' that I've always believed to be fundamentally flawed and ripe for break...
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Which IT Project Methodology? Six Sigma - Why and why not?

In a recent flyover article about the various IT Project methodologies, we looked at the pros and cons of each and I promised that we’d go on to look at each methodology further, in order to gain more insight on the advantages and disadvantages each can offer.  In this piece, let’s focus on Six Sigm...
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Summer Stings. How To Treat IT Project Management Pain Points

I was sat in the pub beer garden at the weekend when a customer was stung by a wasp. A passing waitress saw this and instantly she returned with ice, cotton wool, some apple cider vinegar and an EpiPen (just in case). Now, I've treated wasp stings with calamine lotion in the past, and I have applied...
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Which IT Project Methodology? Scrum – Why and Why Not?

In a recent introductory piece on IT Project methodologies, I promised to follow up on each individual methodology and investigative its advantages and disadvantages. Having looked at Waterfall and Agile, let’s now turn to Scrum. Scrum. What Is It, When Should You Use It? Normally, when you talk of ...
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The bulldozer and the butterfly: How to transition a reluctant client's IT Project into service

Your IT project is almost ready: Development is done; testing is going well; just a few defects remain. The customer is satisfied with the look and feel of the product, you both have a shared vision about the business change it will bring .... but ... they want to ... delay ‘go live’ ... just a litt...
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Like puppies for Christmas, GDPR was about more than one day

"A Dog Is for Life, Not Just for Christmas" has become a somewhat iconic message but as I write this on a blisteringly hot summer day there is no similar advice. Is now then a good time to buy a puppy on a whim? Of course, it's not, the message behind the slogan is valid all year round. It's just, y...
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Which IT Project Methodology? Agile – why and why not?

Welcome to the latest in an occasional series on the different IT Project Management methodologies, last time we looked at Waterfall, now let's focus on Agile. Agile. What Is It, When Should You Use It? The story goes that seventeen software thought leaders, programmers and developers met at The Lod...
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SIX!!! 6 lessons for IT Project Management from a great weekend of sport

SIX!!! 6 lessons for IT Project Management from a great weekend of sport
This weekend I watched some remarkable displays of sporting endurance where the winners, in both cases, just seemed to have a little something extra left in their locker to power them onto victory after long, hard matches. IT Project Management can be a long, hard slog too and, with the rate of fail...
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Use your life to beta test IT Project thought processes and methodologies

Have you ever thought about trying something new in your delivery of IT Projects but eventually decided to play safe? It happens to us all, I guess. I mean keeping it fresh is great but if you wreck your IT Project and at the post-mortem, it's revealed that the project failed because you tried somet...
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IT Project Leadership #2: How to lead a team through burnout and boredom

I’ve been thinking about IT Projects that we've helped steer out of troubled waters lately and in, probably, eight out of ten cases the issue was with the people working on the project. This isn't a criticism of that talent, far from it, I'd happily be a referee for most of them. The issue isn't qua...
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Happy tenth birthday Stoneseed. How tech and IT Project landscapes have changed in a decade (and a quiz)!!

I am writing this with cake and champagne on my desk, instead of the usual Monday coffee and rich tea biscuit. The reason for such opulence at the start of the week is that, at Stoneseed, we are celebrating our tenth anniversary. The tech world was a very different place 10 years ago! A decade ago, ...
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IT Project Support - How long after delivery should you be on short dial?

In a blaze of glory, the fantastic piece of software you've been working hard on is introduced to your client organisation. The system goes live without a hitch - you are an IT delivery expert, after all. Each and every requirement is delivered, the project is on-time and within budget. Customer tra...
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