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Office 365 ... Cloud or a Misty Fog of Hype?

Are you considering a move to Microsoft Office 365? There are many advantages and vendors are quick to list them but there are also many considerations to factor in. It's a business critical decision and as such you should be certain that 365 fits your business case rather than moulding your operati...
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UK Government Learns a lesson in Multisourcing vs Outsourcing

Outsourcing is getting a bit of a bashing lately. Analysis of the (UK) Government’s controversial £100bn “outsourcing” programmes found private firms “creaming off” easy cases while “parking” problematic ones. The implication being that they could make easy profits from the easy cases, “gaming the s...
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RIP Outsourcing, Welcome to the World, Multisourcing

Remember the first time IT outsourcing was discussed in your organisation? What was the primary driver ... cutting costs? How things have evolved since then! Ten years later and whilst cost cutting is probably still your FD's main driver other business and strategic drivers have gained in importance...
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How to Drive the Outsourcing Process

In the past a firm either ran its own IT department or it contracted out - outsourced to a company that did it for them. IT outsourcing has been around for donkey's years and it hasn't really changed much throughout those years. Technology, the IT industry and the needs of the client have changed th...
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How To Get Better, More Aligned IT Services

Have you noticed the trend? Increasing numbers of public sector organisations are reorganising their core functional requirements into 'towers'. Each tower is managed and co-ordinated by an overall service integration and management (new buzz word alert! SIAM) function either run internally or by wa...
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What is the Key to Outsourcing and Mitigating Risk?

Costs are rising, vendor risks are changing ... so how robust or fragile are your supply chain management structures? From the SME to the largest of global corporations no one is too big to fail, no one is immune but on the flip side no one is beyond taking steps now to navigate post credit crunch t...
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For a Government You’re Not So Hot On Governance

The government's flagship universal credit welfare reform is a text book example of the need for robust governance when embarking on any IT outsourcing project. The conclusion from the spending watchdog that it has been badly managed, is "overambitious" and poor value for money is one that we hear r...
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How to Optimise Your Structure For Business Advantage

Microsoft has announced a "far-reaching realignment of the company that will enable us to innovate with greater speed, efficiency and capability in a fast changing world." When a giant like Microsoft takes a long hard look at itself and elects for a massive culture change perhaps that's the time for...
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The Secret of Evolving IT Practices (and Open Windows)

A snail, a spider and a wasp. Across the morning and in that order had to be expelled from my kitchen today. I was quite happy of the distraction, the blog I had to write about how to cope with ever advancing IT and the challenges that it brings was not writing itself. Funny where inspiration comes ...
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What Are the Risks and Opportunities of Bring Your Own Device?

It's started and you can't stop it. Your employees are bringing smart phones, tablets and laptops into the workplace and they expect to be connected to everything in the same way that they expect a lunch break and hot water for a refreshing cup of midmorning tea. Actually, you probably don't want to...
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Is lack of ITIL based ITSM the reason why your previous outsourcing strategies have failed to deliver?

Why have previous outsourcing strategies not delivered for your organisation? It's difficult to say for sure but the following checklist might help identify weaknesses in your strategy. Grab a coffee and benchmark your strategy against the following or better yet, make enough coffee for two and get ...
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