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New Year’s Resolution For IT Project Management

I only just noticed ... well two things actually, I was reading an article about how this year, together with quitting smoking and drinking, many people were pledging to cut their social media time. Ironically they were tweeting this pledge - which made me smile. Then one guy said that his New Year ...
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Three Best Practice Tips For Effective PMO

The challenges of delivering IT projects on time, on budget and on spec have been a major concern of CIOs, Finance Directors and their boards since the day the first computers arrived in the first offices. What has changed since those days of dot matrix printed invoices is that familiarity with, and...
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SIAM, ITSM, SDM ... Measuring the Value of a Managed IT Service Delivery

Someone asked me that the other day ... how do you measure the value of managed IT Service Delivery? He is a CIO, a CIO whose job spec, spectrum of responsibilities and portfolio of outsourced IT vendors have all grown in an attempt to keep pace with business demand - the only two things that haven'...
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Outsourcing and Especially Multisourcing of It Is Trending Upwards - Why Now and What Happens next?

Outsourcing and especially Multisourcing of IT is trending upwards - and this phenomenon is being reported by multiple sources, across multiple sectors and territories. But why? Why now? And why is Multisourcing especially enjoying such spikes? It seems that growth in Multisourcing, this ultra-moder...
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The Exciting Evolution Of Multisourcing - We've Already Changed The World and It Feels Like We've Only Just Begun

For nearly 12 years, working as a Sales Director for a major technology and communications provider, I watched the IT outsourcing market evolve and adapt as it danced to the tune of external stimuli and economic mood changes - but the pace of change really started to accelerate around late 2008. As ...
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Kissing Frogs and Avoiding Toads - A Multisourcing Dilemma

Cane toads in Australia. An unusual place to start a blog about Multisourcing IT. But run with me on this. You see, like buying in IT products, management or services, the cane toad was a solution to a problem. Sugar cane beetles were threatening sugar production - a core Aussie export at the time, ...
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Top 5 Project Management Tips That Could Save the 44% of Projects That Fail

The football team that loses 44% of their games languishes mid-table ... and that's OK ... they never get relegated but they never achieve great glory either. In some businesses a 44% failure rate still means that you're doing alright ... I mean 44% failure means 56% success ... right? But what if a...
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How To Make Sure Your IT Doesn't Restrict Your Growth

Expect something of a boom in IT spending in the coming months, expect to be part of it too. Whatever the size of your operation and the amount of available spend that you have - or think that you have - global economies are starting to defrost and your competitors are dusting off blueprints for pro...
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As Celebrities Count the Cost of Cloud Vulnerability – How Safe Is Your Data?

The FBI is looking into allegations that "intimate" photographs of celebrities were stolen and posted online. Around 20 personalities have had images leaked and uploaded, and it is believed that some of them were obtained through the hacking of cloud services that back up content from mobile devices...
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The 8 Reasons Why Project Management Is So Important For SMEs

"Project Management is for big companies, we don’t have the resources to do that – everyone here is busy getting the job done", so said the CEO of a reasonably successful, family owned SME. That was about five years ago. These days he’s changed his tune and is into Project Management in a big way – ...
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Forget the A To Z of Why IT Projects Fail, Here’s the S To L of Successful

The Top Ten Ways to Keep Your Project On Track A number of articles have either dropped in my Office 365 inbox this week, or on various social media feeds, each of them detailing a list of the reasons why IT Projects fail. That's a rather negative way to approach it. The best sports teams didn't bui...
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Project Management - The Answer to PM Wage Expectations & FD Belt Tightening?

Well – it seems fewer and fewer people – even those who have trained for years and are frankly very good at it. A report from Arras People shines a very interesting light on the post-recession state of the UK Project Management market, suggesting that as organisations begin to grow again there may b...
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Done Right, Multisourcing is the Answer - Whatever the Question

A 5 Point Check List To Help You Do It Right Multisourcing can completely transform your business. Multisourcing is having a single service provided by a number of suppliers contracting directly with you, the client, or through a multisourcing partner. Multisourcing brings you the best of breed for ...
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You Should Be Paying Less For a Better Service, It Really Is That Simple

I overheard a company CEO recently, talking about how he had just taken a week out from working "in his business" to work "on his business." It was a fascinating conversation from which I took two central themes. That it is very easy to get mired in management to the point that you fail to lead, lik...
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Podcast - Project Management as a Service - More Questions Answered


In recent podcasts you've been hearing about Project Management as a Service and answers to your questions as well via, here we catch up again with Andrew Buxton to answer a few more of those questions.

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