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IT Service Delivery

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When riding your IT project cycle - do you know how or when to get off? The value of closeout

When discussing Stoneseed's Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) solutions with clients I am always intrigued by the way they manage IT projects. In almost every case, the client will walk us through some form of lifecycle, typically composing four stages that can be loosely labelled along the fo...
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Need an alternative to IT project apps?  The Project Management app market seems to be saturated, each promising that theirs is the definitive solution. It's like diets and self-help books! If each is so great why do we need so many? It does make choosing the right one very hard. Of course, no two I...
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How To Get Better, More Aligned IT Services

Have you noticed the trend? Increasing numbers of public sector organisations are reorganising their core functional requirements into 'towers'. Each tower is managed and co-ordinated by an overall service integration and management (new buzz word alert! SIAM) function either run internally or by wa...
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What is the Key to Outsourcing and Mitigating Risk?

Costs are rising, vendor risks are changing ... so how robust or fragile are your supply chain management structures? From the SME to the largest of global corporations no one is too big to fail, no one is immune but on the flip side no one is beyond taking steps now to navigate post credit crunch t...
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Is lack of ITIL based ITSM the reason why your previous outsourcing strategies have failed to deliver?

Why have previous outsourcing strategies not delivered for your organisation? It's difficult to say for sure but the following checklist might help identify weaknesses in your strategy. Grab a coffee and benchmark your strategy against the following or better yet, make enough coffee for two and get ...
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October 2019
At the time that I’m writing this, the news is full of talk of trade deals. In the UK we are a couple of weeks away from Brexit – but it’s OK this is not about Brexi...

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