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IR35 and Private Sector IT. You Are Here!

The Private Sector IR35 countdown clock is ticking louder and louder. Before you can say "non-compliant off-payroll Project Manager", it will be time for private firms to follow the Public Sector pioneers into this new world.It's come around quick, hasn't it? One of my accountant friends drily comme...
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IR35 - A Wake Up Call For Off-Payroll Working In Private Sector IT

IR35 Tick Tock
IR35. Tick-tock, tick-tock.  Time is running out for you if you hire IT or project talent resources in an off-payroll capacity. You need to get ready NOW and adjust working practices that have become habits because WE ARE PROBABLY LESS THAN A YEAR AWAY from a universal roll-out of the IR35 refo...
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IR35. What Next For IT? Private Sector pain?

IR35 pain
If you have had anything to do with Public Sector IT procurement over the past two years or so, either as a client or a contractor, IR35 has probably never been far from your mind.My friend, a Public Sector IT Project Manager, jokes that he'd started seeing IR35 everywhere, "It's been the topic of w...
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IR35 - How to avoid Public Sector IT talent shortages

When the Government announced changes to IR35 and off-payroll working rules for public sector workers like IT contractors, a wave of confusion rippled through online forums used by contractors and hirers alike. There are some great online resources that explain the changes, not least the one publish...
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IR35. Public Sector IT skills shortage? Time to prepare for change.

Planned changes to IR35 in April next year are potentially going to have a seismic effect on public sector IT. How much depends on how prepared the sector is by then but now is the time to act.It's time to hit the G-Cloud and get to grips with what's new in the Project Management as a Service (PMaaS...
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