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Time for greater emphasis on IT Project WOMANagement?

Guest blog by Nicol Cutts - Stoneseed Head of Project Management       March 8th is International Women's day.  Aptly, adverts for the PMI UK Chapter, International Women's Day webinar: "The modern woman in leadership "dropped into my inbox at the same time as a reply to a question that I'd asked a ...
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Choosing success metrics: are failing IT projects set up to fail?

I met a friend recently for lunch and, quite frankly, he is looking amazing! He joined a gym about a year ago and you can tell! His face is slimmer, he seems to have more energy, looks about ten years younger and, he told me, he has had to buy some new trousers because his old ones were starting to ...
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Successful IT Project Teams Watch Their Language

"What can we do better?" "What's going wrong?" Both these questions were asked by different Project Managers leading IT Projects that were failing this year. Both had identified issues, both were keen to sort those issues out, both held almost identical team meetings to address the challenges. One w...
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The rising value of the IT Business Analyst

The evolution of the IT Business Analyst role is increasingly seeing the job description stretch beyond the "IT" further into the "Business" territory. This means greater career prospects for analysts but also real challenges for businesses who do not have a character like this on their team. It's a...
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How planning, proactivity and PMaaS prevent poor performance projects

Over the course of this year, I have been asked to consult on many IT Projects. As always, I consider this a huge privilege, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than helping an organisation achieve successful project outcomes. The reasons that project teams ask for help are manyfold, sometimes the...
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You are not an IT Project Manager. You are not a CIO. How you are so much more!

I was with a Project Manager friend, Steve, for a catch up this week when an old friend walked into the coffee house we were in. I introduced the old friend, Liz, to Steve and invited her to join us. After a few minutes, Liz asked Steve, "So, what do you do?" What would you have said in answer to th...
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7 Dysfunctional Beliefs of IT Project Management

7 Dysfunctional Beliefs of IT Project Management
This journey started with sprouts. Run with me. My epiphany came last Christmas when I asked a family member why, having peeled the sprouts, she was now cutting a little cross into the base of each one. Her answer was, "I don't know, it's just what my Mum always did." We Googled it and it turns out ...
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What Can IT Project Leaders Learn From The Oscars?

What Can IT Project Leaders Learn From The Oscars?
It’s that time again. The glitz and the glamour, the pomp and the pageantry, the fame and the fashion - it's awards season. I love movies so I always cast an interested eye the way of the BAFTAs, Golden Globes and, of course, The Oscars. Looking beyond the rather overblown spectacle of the ceremonie...
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It’s People That Power Flexible IT Resourcing. 7 Tips To Help Get It Right

If I had a pound for every time someone in IT Project Management had talked of 'flexible resources' or resourcing ... well, I'd have a few quid by now. It's become something of an IT buzz word, hasn't it, but I wonder sometimes whether we’ve lost sight of its true meaning? Distilled to its essence, ...
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How introverts could be the silent solution to IT project management problems

Are the best IT project solutions hiding shyly in the shadows? The loudest voices in our teams don't have exclusivity on the best ideasOriginally published on I received a nice email this week from Sarah, a regular reader of my blogs. It was a line of thanks for a previous post that had appa...
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5 Tips for effective onboarding of IT project talent

A fresh perspective, different experiences and a whole new set of skills to learn from. When a new Project Manager joins there is a tangible frisson of excitement at the new opportunities for your Project Management Office or team. There are also considerable challenges, especially around onboarding...
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Horses for courses – Why your consultant should match your project and your culture

Why your consultant should match your project and your culture
I just spent some time with an exasperated CIO. Frustrated by IT Projects that were failing time after time - completing late and over budget - despite his Project Management Office being staffed by experienced Project Managers each with an impressive track record of success. "Could buying in Projec...
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Why IT Project Managers must strategically upskill

Project Managers need to strategically upskill to deliver the business value needed in the future. This is the key take home from a survey from AXELOS ahead their Summer reboot of PRINCE2. "Organisations will demand greater business awareness from project managers in the next few years. As a result,...
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Is psychometric testing perfect for IT?

Originally published on When I asked associates, acquaintances and clients (who had all recently recruited for IT roles) how many had used personality type or psychometric testing, 7 out of 10 said that they had. I recall the response from a survey by the Society for Human Resource Managemen...
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Pitching an IT project? Benefits sell, details don’t

It makes sense doesn't it? Which exercise DVD are you going to buy? The one that features 50 different gruelling exercises or the one that promises you'll drop a dress size in a week? Harvard Business School professor, Theodore Levitt, once put this beautifully, “People don’t want to buy a quarter-i...
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London Olympics – Showcase for Multisourcing

Leading industry analysts, Gartner, cites London Olympics as a further example of how complex IT Programs can be most effectively delivered using a Multisourcing model. This could form the blueprint for any complex business transformation program which involves a multitude of IT and business stakeho...
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