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BAeauty is in the eye of the BAholder - Why you should value your Business Analyst

Laura Brandenburg created a Business Analyst Manifesto, in it she wrote: Out of chaos, we create order. Out of disagreement, we create alignment. Out of ambiguity, we create clarity. But most of all, we create positive change for the organizations we serve. BAeautiful, isn’t it? (Alright, enough wit...
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Why IT Projects Shouldn't Be Sheepish About BAaaS

Picture a Project Manager, a full team and a Business Analyst ... on every project. IT Project Nirvana. Budgets are tight so often it's the latter that either gets sacrificed, usually merged into someone else's role. Many Project Managers have in the past, had parts of their job description that loo...
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Skills essential for a Business Analyst

Fast Five Blog SeriesWhat skills should you be looking for when you need a Business Analyst.  There are a few types of Business Analyst out there, but we are going to focus on IT – We are specialists. That being said; here are five core skills we look for in an IT Business Analyst when we recruit fo...
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Business Analysis - Driving business agility through the Covid pandemic

With the UK economy stuttering, businesses are having to react and become more resilient, leaner and more efficient. We are seeing a growth in the number Business Change projects, stoking demand for Business Analysis skillset. Many organisations, having slashed costs, implemented furloughs and /or f...
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Like puppies for Christmas, GDPR was about more than one day

"A Dog Is for Life, Not Just for Christmas" has become a somewhat iconic message but as I write this on a blisteringly hot summer day there is no similar advice. Is now then a good time to buy a puppy on a whim? Of course, it's not, the message behind the slogan is valid all year round. It's just, y...
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Since when did BA stand for bloomin' amazing?

Previously published on A great BA is worth their weight in gold, here’s why…… The IT business analyst role has traditionally been one that facilitates communication between IT and business stakeholders. Subsequently, business analysts have always had great skills in this area, adept at both...
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