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Project Management Lessons learnt from Covid Holiday Disruption

This time of year is normally a bit of a nightmare for project coordination. Holiday Season!  Ever tried to organise a meeting in August or early September?  I recently tried, of the five invited attendees, two replied they could dial in remotely as they were working from home, two would be away on ...
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IT Project Management is stepping up to drive business change

Looking through the various project specific publications on line this week , there seems to be a consistent theme emerging, businesses are adapting to the “New Normal” and trying to push forward, and that now is a time for project professionals to prove their worth and drive business change and rec...
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IT Project Teams are STILL driving competitive advantage

“Behind every great, growing business is a successful IT Project team”. This was the working title of a blog post that I started writing in early March 2020. Looking back at it now, it was a wonderfully optimistic piece about how IT Project teams were inspiring, facilitating and delivering business ...
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Remote control: Lockdown your IT project email and communication habits

I hope I find you well. These are strange times aren't they?  I've had many conversations this week with colleagues, clients and IT Project acquaintances about where we are as an industry.   It's a mixed picture.   Some IT projects are on hold as businesses hibernate and try to weather the storm; ot...
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Stoneseed’s Remote IT Project Services – Because You’ve Already Got Enough On Your Plate

How’s working from home working out for you and your people? We are just about getting into the groove. Copious tea and Smooth Radio on tap seem to be doing the trick! Friends and colleagues are sharing home schooling triumphs (although one friend’s six-year-old daughter is complaining about the lac...
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Working from home - keep calm but don’t just carry on

Keep calm but dont just carry on
Guest Blog from Bettina Wink - Stoneseed Project ManagerAs I write the schools are set to close from this afternoon due to government measures to address the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in the UK. Thousands of companies up and down the country are forced to make difficult choices about home working, s...
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Pandemics and remote IT projects

Reading back over some very old blogs I wrote I found a report called "The Challenges of Remotely Managing A Project". It must be more than ten years ago now and it's interesting thinking back to how I felt reading it. Stoneseed regularly managed projects remotely and it seem second nature and almos...
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Kintsugi for IT Project Managers – 5 ideas to prevent repeating mistakes worth their weight in gold

Recently, I had dinner in a well-known Asian restaurant chain. On their placemats, they described the Japanese art form of Kintsugi which seeks to, not just fix pottery, but treat its breakage as part of the history of the object and not as something to disguise. What a powerful metaphor for life in...
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In IT projects better questions lead to better solutions - faster too

“If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution,” so said Steve Jobs. I love this quote. Often though, IT projects run into trouble because the team is working hard to answer the wrong question! I’ve shared this story with you before, I’m sure, but I think it sums up the problem. ...
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Point and call your way to IT Project success? Aka do what works for you

An IT Project Management friend returned from a holiday in Japan with an unusual souvenir that he is applying to his work. Pretty much whenever Malc does anything he says out loud what it is that he is doing. It’s called “pointing and calling” apparently. It is quite intriguing to watch. “I’m commun...
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42 – The answer to life, the universe, and everything including IT Project Management

In ‘The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy’ by Douglas Adams, a supercomputer named Deep Thought mulls over the “ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything” and, after a period of seven and a half million years, comes up with the answer 42. How prescient! Mulling over the ultimate questio...
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Is your IT project prepared for the storm?

As I write this, for a second weekend, a storm is battering the UK. Storm Dennis has left us all clearing up in one way or another, flooded roads, deluged gardens, wind-battered properties and, on social media, lots of ‘free’ trampolines! Near us, two houses in the same street always have beautiful ...
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Starting out in IT Project Management – seven TOP tips (and refreshers for the rest of us)

“Hi, David. As you’ve been in IT Project Management for years, do you have any tips for someone at the start of their career?” How to make someone feel old in one question!! Hahaha! I actually loved getting this email from a newly qualified IT Project Manager, Matthew, this week. He meant well, even...
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Know when to pull in subject matter expertise! New Year, new IT Project Manager you - part 4

How are those New Year Resolutions holding up? It’s OK me too! As I write this, we’re now (just) into February. Dry January can, at last, be consigned to history! Perhaps as well as we are now one-twelfth into the new year - how are those 2020 goals progressing? Discussing those goals with IT Projec...
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Improve 1 percent and develop GOOD habits. New Year, New IT Project Manager You - Part 3.

Improve 1 percent and develop GOOD habits. New Year, New IT Project Manager You - Part 3.
How are those New Year Resolutions holding up? After conversations with IT Project Management colleagues, friends, clients and acquaintances, it seems that there are some broad themes in the areas we have identified for improvement this year. That’s what this series of five posts is all about. The f...
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Project Manage with meaning and purpose. New Year, New IT Project Manager you - Part 1

Have you made any New Year Resolutions? I’ve been chatting with IT Project Management colleagues, friends, clients and acquaintances over Christmas and it seems that collectively, and yet, independently, we have identified areas for improvement. That’s what this series of five posts is all about. Th...
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The Urge To Merge: What A Time To Be In IT Project Management! Happy New Year!

One recurring business trend of recent years looks set to continue into 2020 – and it’s great news for those of us working in IT Project Management - mergers and acquisitions! As Tara Lachapelle, writing for Bloomberg says, “We’re in an absolutely bonkers five-year run of corporate coupling that sho...
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HoHoHo! What IT Project Management gift will you use to plan and deliver Christmas?

Hohoho!! ‘Tis the season to be a Project Manager! I’m unusually organised this year, my thoughts turned to Christmas preparations back in mid-November … the tree, the present shopping, the turkey and all the trimmings for the big day (pigs in blankets!!!), and of course … the all-important stocking ...
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Football’s Video Assistant Referee (VAR). Is it an IT Project that’s winning?

Thanks to VAR, Roberto Firmino's armpit and John Lundstram's big toe have given football fans some of this season’s hottest talking points. Who’d have thought it!!? I’ve been interested in the introduction of VAR (Video Assistant Referee), football's video technology system since it was introduced -...
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The new onboarding? Is pre-boarding the secret to starting effective IT project talent

Fewer than half of new employees (44%) report a positive experience after joining a new company. Ouch!! If you’re a hiring manager – that’s got to hurt! Now, when I started my career, an employer would probably have shrugged at this and suggested that their new hires should toughen up and deal with ...
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