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Stoneseed’s Remote IT Project Services – Because You’ve Already Got Enough On Your Plate


How’s working from home working out for you and your people?

We are just about getting into the groove. Copious tea and Smooth Radio on tap seem to be doing the trick!

Friends and colleagues are sharing home schooling triumphs (although one friend’s six-year-old daughter is complaining about the lack of dessert after lunch!); BYOD, the concept that you Bring Your Own Device to work has been turned on its head, with folks bringing their work home to their devices instead; and couples are discovering what their partners actually do for a living (and in some cases – it’s

very little).

I hope that the contingencies that you rehearsed, either in your head or for real, are paying you back and that, for you, it is as close to business as usual as possible.

But what if it’s not?

What if your IT Project Delivery needs some support in these uncertain times?

What if staffing levels, whilst steady now, could cause you real pain in the event of a shortfall?

Remote Access Project Management

As experts in ‘Remote Access Project Management’, Stoneseed can help support your IT Project Delivery in these uncertain times and with a full range of project services including Virtual PMO, Remote Project Managers and Business Analysis – we can help you with any staffing issues.

With our on-demand delivery models, you can dial up and dial down the resources that you need, only pay for what you use. You can still enjoy all the benefits of a Project Team without the commitment of full-time resource on-site. What you need, for as long as you need it. With low cost set up, resources can be deployed to support just one project, multiple projects or a programme of projects in any geographical location.

Stoneseed’s team is hand-picked. Our people have been involved in delivering countless projects and all come from an infrastructure or digital application background, so you know that you are in safe hands, and we have a team of IT technical staff and advisors. We’ve got your back.

We can support you when you are experiencing loss of knowledge as a result of other key members of your team being unavailable; we can help you expediate a project because its deliverables are needed now, in this extra challenging period; or we can just help you keep the lights on, keep your projects ticking over until everything settles! And it will settle so let us help you where needed.

Furthermore, Stoneseed’s expertise is available on demand remotely. This allows us to offer you rapid response times, at a time where marginal losses and gains can be the difference between failure and success. We can help you align your urgent need with our on-demand resources, and all on a cost-effective, full-time or part-time basis.

At this time of great challenge, Stoneseed is doing what we have always done. We can and will flex to support your IT project needs.

Your IT Projects are important, but you probably have greater priorities, remembering your Class Dojo password and keeping up with your kids and Joe Wicks to name but two. Our generation has a double responsibility, we have to educate the kids AND make sure that our parents and grandparents are staying home (my friend’s Mum actually promised to “self-isolate this afternoon, after Margaret’s been round!!). To be honest, we’ve all got enough on our plate right now. 

IT Projects failing is the last thing any of us need!

We can help with this. I mean, not with the Joe Wickes thing (you don’t want to see me in lycra!)

But we can help with your IT Projects, safely and remotely, what you need and when you need it.    

Like I said, we will do, and we are doing, what we’ve always done. 

Reassuring, that in changing times, there are some things that you can rely on.

Call 01623 723910, email: Together, we’ve got this.

Stay safe.


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