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Happy Birthday Stoneseed!


Stoneseed are celebrating our 10th year of business this year.

After a short speech from founders Jamie Buttle and David Cotgreave we cut into some cake and had a small glass of champagne!
What a great way to start off the week!


“There’s no real secret to growing a business, you have an idea and you try and make it work. The real secret to success is finding people that are very good at what they do and persuading them to join you – it’s all about teamwork. “ ~ Jamie Buttle (Managing Director at Stoneseed)

“10 years has flown by. It is with pride that I look back on what we have achieved as a business, in that time.  We have always tried to stick to the principle of doing the right thing, by our colleagues, or clients and our partners, 10 years on we still stick to this ethos, it seems to have stood us in good stead so far and hopefully puts us in an ideal place to tackle the next 10 years with the same success!“ ~ David Cotgreave (Professional Services Director at Stoneseed)

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