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Stoneseed raises money for Byte Night. A charity event by Action For Children.

This year Stoneseed has committed to support Action for Children, by joining Byte Night, the UK’s biggest corporate sleep-out. 

On Friday 5 October, a team from Stoneseed will be giving up their warm beds, for the night, to join a national sleep-out event, under the warm skies of…. Leeds.

It is currently estimated that there are 83,000 homeless young people in the UK, and Action for Children is committed to supporting these young people, getting them off the streets and giving them the support, they need.

We know this event doesn’t reflect ‘true homelessness’, but it does give an idea of what it might be like to be out night after night.

Stoneseed have also set up a donation page which you can view hereAny donation, however small, is most welcome.

For more information, on the event, please visit

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