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IT Project Management is stepping up to drive business change


Looking through the various project specific publications on line this week , there seems to be a consistent theme emerging, businesses are adapting to the “New Normal” and trying to push forward, and that now is a time for project professionals to prove their worth and drive business change and recovery. 

We have seen disruption on an unprecedented scale from COVID-19 with countless projects delayed or temporarily suspended as a result of the pandemic, labour shortages, and disruption to supply chains

However we are turning a corner, the Programme Managers I’m talking to are talking about fast paced projects, particularly Business Change ones, whether new or refocused, getting the go ahead. UK businesses are now striving to return to business as usual, and the long reboot to “normal” economic activity is underway.

IT Project Management professionals will play a key role in this reboot, they have always helped organisations navigate change and cope with distribution. Essential Project Management skills will come to the fore.

This great quote by Sunil Parashar, president of the PMI really struck a chord with me and my colleagues at Stoneseed.

 “Now, more than ever, it is important to go beyond agility and to be gymnastic in a business setting. That means being flexible, proactive, innovative, and agile in response to changes, whether from the market, competitors, or the economy. PMs can act as ‘change-makers’ and we believe they will play a critical role in helping businesses, governments and society recover and rebound in a post-COVID world.

COVID-19 has caused Business Change and Digital Transformation to surge, so businesses need quality IT Project support now more than ever. The IT Project Specialists whose particular skill sets will turn ideas into action, and action int results and most importantly manage change.

Agility will be key going forward: Be agile in your approach, applying the principles of Agile project management will allow organisations to pivot quickly to change structures or working practices

Collaborative Leadership will be essential: now we are mainly working in virtual teams and via remote structures, collaboration skills honed by skilled PM’s will enable the online facilitation and team cohesion

An Innovative Mindset: Project managers are skilled innovators and improvisers, recent Covid disruption challenges have forced us all to rethink how we get things done. Challenging conventional processes and inventing new, non-traditional ways of doing business. 

For Programme and Project Teams across the UK the pressure is on to deliver results, here at Stoneseed we can help you ramp up or kickstart your IT Project Delivery or simply cover staff or skill shortages.

We offer a full range of project services, available on-demand remotely or on-site, offering rapid response resources.

You can align resources as and when you need it, on a cost-effective, full-time, or part-time basis.  Give us a call to find out how we can support you…


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Source: Telegraph - why businesses need to adapt to change

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