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Happy International Project Management Day!

Every year, on the 1st Thursday of November, International Project Management (IPM) Day celebrates the millions of project managers and their teams busily delivering projects across the planet. This year, International Project Management Day falls on Thursday 7th November and we are happy to celebra...
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Which IT Project Methodology? Six Sigma - Why and why not?

In a recent flyover article about the various IT Project methodologies, we looked at the pros and cons of each and I promised that we’d go on to look at each methodology further, in order to gain more insight on the advantages and disadvantages each can offer.  In this piece, let’s focus on Six Sigm...
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Stoneseed's PMaaS Service now available on G-Cloud 11 Framework

Service offered - Project Management as a Service. Stoneseed Ltd is delighted to be awarded a place on the Government’s Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 11 framework. We are listed on G-Cloud 11 –Specialist Cloud Services.  Dale Beeton, Business Develop Manager at Stoneseed says: “ Stoneseed has again be...
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Happy Birthday Stoneseed!

Stoneseed are celebrating our 10th year of business this year. After a short speech from founders Jamie Buttle and David Cotgreave we cut into some cake and had a small glass of champagne! What a great way to start off the week! HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY TO STONESEED! “There’s no real secret to growing a ...
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IR35 Private Sector Update

The framework for implementing the IR35 changes in the Private Sector will be  introduced  in April 2020, and applied to those Private Sector contractors whose clients are large and medium-sized companies. The roll out of IR35 into the Private Sector is, justifiably, a huge concern for contractors a...
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Action For Children's Byte Night Event

It was a cold, wet night for those of Stoneseed who braved the weather to spend a night outside in support of the estimated 83,000 homeless young people in the UK.  Action for Children is committed to supporting these young people, getting them off the streets and giving them the support they need.W...
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Stoneseed raises money for Byte Night. A charity event by Action For Children.

This year Stoneseed has committed to support Action for Children, by joining Byte Night, the UK’s biggest corporate sleep-out.  On Friday 5 October, a team from Stoneseed will be giving up their warm beds, for the night, to join a national sleep-out event, under the warm skies of…. Leeds. It is curr...
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IT Project Collaboration. When 1+1 equals more than 2

"Be open to collaboration. Other people and other people’s ideas are often better than your own," so said comedian and actress Amy Poehler. She's right. I heard a great story this week that highlighted the value of collaboration. A radio station, I think in Australia (but don't quote me), was brains...
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Straight Talk on Project Management VOLUME II - Available now!

This month, we are happy to announce the launch of another volume of our eBook! The last eBook we published – Straight Talk on Project Management by David Cotgreave, had so much success that we decided to do VOLUME II. Since the last volume, David has continued to enlighten us with his in-depth know...
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Five Steps To Prevent Confirmation Bias Impacting Your IT Project Success

Are you guilty of confirmation bias?
Are you guilty of confirmation bias? It's a psychological habit where you filter your reality until it resembles something more aligned with your existing beliefs. I think we're all a bit guilty of it from time to time. For example, you think that your co-workers are lazy so all you see is them slop...
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