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Stoneseed Services now available on G-Cloud 9 Framework

  • Stoneseed is listed on Lot 4 - Specialist Cloud Services
  • Services offered include Project Management as a Service, Service Delivery Management and Strategic Cloud Evaluation Service

Stoneseed Ltd is delighted to be awarded a place on the Government’s Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 9 framework.

we are listed on lot 4 within G-Cloud 9 –Specialist Cloud Services. All 3 services that Stoneseed submitted for consideration were successfully included and have been available on the Digital Marketplace since May 2017.

Andrew Buxton, Business Development Director at Stoneseed says: “Stoneseed has again been awarded a place on the G-Cloud framework – G-Cloud 9. We are delighted to continue to be a member of the Government's cloud services procurement framework, operated by Crown Commercial Service. It is an exciting opportunity for us and our clients.”

The G-Cloud 9 is the latest version of the Government’s procurement framework, with a change from CloudStore to the Digital Marketplace. Public sector organisations use the Digital Marketplace to find and compare cloud-based services via a catalogue of suppliers. This catalogue allows organisations in the public sector to find the right supplier for their cloud-based IT services without the lengthy traditional tender process.

For more details of the Stoneseed services that are included in the G-Cloud 8 catalogue, please contact:

Ryan Coates – Business Development Manager

01623 880228


G-Cloud 9 Listing for Stoneseed Ltd:

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