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Move over Paul the Octopus. Europe’s IT Project Managers predict The Euros

Do you remember Paul the Octopus? Germany's octopus football oracle who, in 2010, became a worldwide celebrity for his apparent ability to accurately predict the outcomes of World Cup football matches. Paul correctly forecast the result of six of Germany's World Cup games, and also predicted Spain w...
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Managing your meatloaves! Five IT Project Management myths

“At this week’s Team Meeting I got an MVP badge for my work! A badge! What am I? Ten years old?” An IT Project Manager, industry veteran, and friend Dave sent this in an exasperated email this week. He’s been at the game for more years than he and I care to remember and is currently the “most experi...
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An IT Project talent gap 5 years ahead of its time needs a solution that’s a decade ahead of its.

 *  IT Project Managers and Business Analysts are in demand. More so than ever, it feels. *  This has been on the cards for some time, but the last 12 months has really accelerated the problem.*  IT Project teams that are not responding and adapting to these new talent supply challenges may be headi...
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Pitch Perfect IT Project Resource Planning. You and Stoneseed UNITED To Deliver Your Business Goals

I’m writing this after watching my beloved Manchester United’s demolition of Roma in the Europa League semi-final and Chelsea’s Champions League semi-final win over Real Madrid, and as always, I am drawn to the parallels that exist between our world of IT Project Management and that of elite footbal...
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You Do Not Need A PMO. You Need THE PMO!

I’m always being asked why organisations need a Project Management Office. For years, I was never totally satisfied with my answer. “A PMO is there to ensure project success,” I’d say, “it makes sure company procedures, practices, cultures and operations are followed and work at their best, it makes...
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5 ways to thrive in the world of Project Management

There is a difference between managing a project and being a Project Manager. Being qualified and understanding the theory doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be successful. Have a read below of five ways to thrive as a Project Manager in the world of Project Management.  Accepting change All Project Ma...
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Super-Deduction - How IT Project Management can deliver investment led business recovery

It’s Easter Monday as I write. After some warm sunny days last week, today I woke to snow! Now, as an icy wind batters against the window, the sun is so bright, I have just had to close the curtains so that I can see my screen! Mad weather but this gives me cause for optimism. The weather today feel...
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BAeauty is in the eye of the BAholder - Why you should value your Business Analyst

Laura Brandenburg created a Business Analyst Manifesto, in it she wrote: Out of chaos, we create order. Out of disagreement, we create alignment. Out of ambiguity, we create clarity. But most of all, we create positive change for the organizations we serve. BAeautiful, isn’t it? (Alright, enough wit...
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The Evolution of The PMO Assessment

Often, when you’re working in the thick of an IT Project or a busy multi-layered portfolio, it’s hard to identify even glaringly obvious risks. The Chartered Management Institute found recently that over a third (36%) of managers have experienced project failure in their career but before we rush to...
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5 Pearls of wisdom for Project Managers

We all need a bit of inspiration or motivation sometimes... Here are five pearls of wisdom. One from a Project Management expert, the others from more unusual sources. • “The “P” in PM is as much about PEOPLE Management as it is about PROJECT management” - Cornelius Fichtner • “I am always doing tha...
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Kick Start Your Project Management Office (PMO) - Five Key Areas of Focus and Assessment

In 2020, the Project Management Institute (PMI) Pulse of the Profession reported that less than half (36%) of organisations achieved high alignment of projects with their organisational strategy. Projects that are not aligned to your business strategy are wasted investment. Reflect on that for a mom...
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If demand for IT Project Managers starts to outstrip supply - how to affordably resource your IT Projects

The acceleration of digital projects and the apparent “projectification” of just about every business function means the services of project managers and associated professionals are suddenly very much in demand!   To be honest, it feels weird to be trumpeting some good news against a backdrop of so...
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Time for greater emphasis on IT Project WOMANagement?

Guest blog by Nicol Cutts - Stoneseed Head of Project Management       March 8th is International Women's day.  Aptly, adverts for the PMI UK Chapter, International Women's Day webinar: "The modern woman in leadership "dropped into my inbox at the same time as a reply to a question that I'd asked a ...
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Why IT Projects Shouldn't Be Sheepish About BAaaS

Picture a Project Manager, a full team and a Business Analyst ... on every project. IT Project Nirvana. Budgets are tight so often it's the latter that either gets sacrificed, usually merged into someone else's role. Many Project Managers have in the past, had parts of their job description that loo...
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The PMO has an image problem and it’s no laughing matter

I heard a PMO (Project Management Office) joke today. “How many PMOs does it take to change a lightbulb? Two, one to explain it’s not the role of the PMO and the other to realise explaining this (again) is futile and just change the lightbulb anyway.” Alright, it’s not the funniest gag you’ll ever h...
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Do you remember Paul the Octopus? Germany's octopus football oracle who, in 2010, became a worldwide celebrity for his apparent ability to accurately predict the out...

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