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Skills essential for a Business Analyst

What skills should you be looking for when you need a Business Analyst.  There are a few types of Business Analyst out there, but we are going to focus on IT – We are specialists.

That being said; here are five core skills we look for in an IT Business Analyst when we recruit for team members to deliver Business Analysis as a Service.

Problem Solving
You need to be a critical thinker. You must be able to present one or several solutions to the problem. You should have the ability to assess all the individual pieces (from information that you have collected) and arrange them in a fashion that ensures the project will be a success. As a Business Analyst, you will be required to advise the Project Team on the best solutions and help them decide on which one to implement. Remember – The entire project is a solution to a problem.

Flexible Approach
It is imperative that you can think and analyse with an open mind. Each project has a different need and you need to have the ability to identify the needs and act. No two environments are the same so knowledge of several approaches is essential.

People Skills
A lot of people might see people skills as a soft skill rather than a core one. However, you could have all the technical skills required for a BA, but what if you don’t have the confidence and communicative ability to, not only get the job done but to get it done well.

Technical Ability
A Business Analyst’s technical ability is arguably his biggest weapon. So, going on a few training courses will never be enough. You need to have a fully loaded toolset! The only way to do that is to be constantly evolving, gathering experience and learning from your own mistakes – it is all imperative to your success!

Able to take criticism
Business Analysts will always face a lot of critical feedback on their ideas and solutions. If you are going to be successful, you need to be able to deal with the criticism, take it on board and turn it into something positive.

A great BA is worth their weight in gold, and the demand for business analysis skill is through the roof as a result of new projects driven by businesses adapting to Covid trading.

Looking for Business Analysts to help kick off a new project? Maybe we can help?

We offer BAaaS (Business Analysis as a Service) as part of Project Management as a Service. Whether it is production of a business case for an IT Project, requirements gathering or data analysis to help with project implementation, BAaaS can be tailored to your specific requirement with a flexible resourcing model on demand, via a straightforward cost model. Stoneseed’s team are experienced across multiple technology solutions, sectors and industries.