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Need an IT project superhero? For a Business Analyst, call the BAt phone

Business Analysts are bone fide, top notch superheroes!

However, many organisations do have full time BAs on the payroll, understandably, as your average BA term of engagement tends to be shorter than other key project players and is usually confined to the start of a project.

But do BA-less organisations have to miss out on the superpowers of a BA? Or can you send up a BAt signal for assistance when in need?

01623 723910 – The BAt PHONE

Thanks to Stoneseed, you can access business analysts as part of our Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) model. Whether your need is for production of an IT Project business case, requirements gathering, or data analysis to facilitate project implementation, BA expertise and resources are on tap thanks to BAaaS! Stoneseed’s Business Analysis as a Service resource model is “on demand” allowing you to dial up and down IT project resources in sync with your needs, giving you more control over costs.

Stoneseed’s BA team are experienced across multiple technology solutions, sectors and industries and we work with all types of projects and programmes such as Business Change, Transformation, Infrastructure, Digital or IT Project Delivery.

The BA’s Top Eight Greatest SUPERPowers

1 – Unrivalled Understanding of the Business Landscape.

Your BA possesses a unique blend of business acumen and technical knowledge. They understand the intricacies of your business landscape, are on top of industry trends, they will have internalised organisational goals, and they intuitively comprehend and meet customer needs. This understanding allows them to effectively align IT projects with business objectives.

2 – Eliciting and Translating Project Requirements.

A BA’s ability to elicit and translate requirements from stakeholders is a keen superpower. From engaging in detailed stakeholder discussions, holding workshops, and conducting interviews to extract essential information, BAs have sharp instincts for drilling down to the real need of a project. They are then masters of translating this intelligence into clear and actionable requirements for the development team.

3 – Bi-Lingual (They speak “business” and “tech”).

BAs speak the language of both the business stakeholders and IT teams and speak the language of both worlds which means they are a most effective bridge between the two. Mixing our superheroes up, think Superman replacing the broken rail with his own body to allow the train to pass safely over, that’s your BA at work, translating business requirements into technical specifications and ensuring that IT solutions meet business needs.

4 – Problem-Solving Ninjas.

Your average superhero tackles a challenge head-on, and BAs excel in problem-solving. Their ability to analyse a complex problem, identify root cause, and intuitively propose innovative solutions that address business challenges by leveraging the latest technology is Marvel-lous!

5 – Risk Management.

Another BA superpower is the ability to identify and proactively mitigate risks. Project risks like changes to scope, resource constraints, or technology limitations, are no match for a good BA as they work with stakeholders to develop risk mitigation strategies and keep your projects on course.

6 – Collaboration.

Show me a successful project team and I’ll show you a team who are big on collaboration. BAs are great at facilitating collaboration among a diverse range of stakeholders, conducting workshops, meetings, and brainstorming sessions to make sure that everyone is on the same page, fully aligned, contributing ideas, and working towards common project goals.

7 – Communication.

Effective communication is a mega-power of the BA. They have the “skill to distil” and communicate very complex ideas in clear and understandable ways. BAs can be persuasive, in a good way, influencing stakeholders with evidence-based argument, and leading project teams by providing goal focussed direction and support.

8 – Delivering Value.

Ultimately, superheroes are big on values! BA’s deliver value in spades. Helping deliver IT projects that are not only technically sound and cutting edge but also aligned with business need, in turn, delivers measurable and tangible benefits and increased return on investment (ROI).

If you are a BA or you have one on your team, I bet you could quickly turn this list of eight into a page of superpowers! As always – love to hear from you! Your current project need could be a Business Analyst superpower just waiting to be unleashed! Remember the BAt phone – 01623 723910!

That’s the thing, needs might be different from team to team, project to project, sector to sector, but the BAt phone will have the resource that exactly fits your specific requirements. You want the right superhero for the job! Imagine, your cat is stuck up a tree, Spider-man could get her down, but who wants a terrified cat that’s covered in a sticky web? No, you want Superman’s power of flight.

We have the project delivery team for you to call on, so at Stoneseed we offer your standard project operational level BA who will guide you through the established processes and collect the intel (etc) needed for a project, but if you’re just building Gotham from the ground up you might be better signalling for Stoneseed’s Technical Advisory Services to come to your rescue, meanwhile Stoneseed’s Architecture team can do the project definition, designs, technical specs, tenders, vendor selection… etc… to get you off the starting blocks (enterprise architectures, business architects, technical architects, a whole spectrum of architects exist in the Stoneseed-iverse)!

And they’re all available on the same BAt phone number – 01623 723910.

At Stoneseed, we believe that a Business Analyst is an indispensable asset, but also recognise that the short-term nature of their engagement can be off putting when every pound and penny spent needs justification.

If you ARE wary of increased cost, and you don’t want to commit to a full-time hire or contractors, Stoneseed’s BAaaS and its “resources on demand” model allows you to dial up and down IT project resources in sync with your delivery needs, giving you more control over your costs. You can align resources as and when you need them, on a cost effective, full-time or part-time basis.

BAaaS resources can be deployed to support just one project, multiple projects or a programme of projects … in any geographical location. Stoneseed’s portfolio offers a full range of project services including PMO, Project and Business Analysis, available on demand remotely or on-site, offering rapid response resources.

Business Analysis as a Service makes this superhero, this indispensable asset, more accessible and commercially justifiable.

Not all heroes wear capes, or their underwear over their trousers for that matter, this would be an HR issue these days, but when you need a hero (that’s Tina Turner earwormed!!) to understand the intricacies and unique needs of your business terrain, translate requirements, proactively manage risks, and advance collaboration … you need a BA.

To the BAt-mobile!


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