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Maximising the value of Project-Management-aaS. Are YOU doing “as a Service” a disservice?

Q: Are you getting the maximum value from “as a Service” IT Project resourcing? 

When I recently took a helicopter view of Stoneseed’s business to see if there were any patterns or opportunities that had escaped my busy attention. I noticed, some clients are engaging an IT Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) specialist, Stoneseed, but not accessing the true, full value and benefits of resourcing IT Projects “as a Service”. In other words, they are getting a short-term need sorted – but falling far short of the value they could yield from Project Management as a Service.

What’s happened, is that some clients are coming to us because they need, say, a Project Manager (and to be clear, that’s fine, Stoneseed can provide a PM for as long as you need one). However, when you just use Stoneseed to fulfil a resource requirement, you don’t really enjoy the full benefits and extract the maximum potential value of PMaaS.

Maybe it’s a human thing. Take your smartphone. What do you use that for? Taking photos, streaming TV show, playing music, calls, Teams meetings, Whatsapping … yeah me too. What about asking your device to remember where you parked? How about quickly sharing your location with friends so they can find you? How about having your phone flash instead of ring or vibrate (useful in meetings, etc)? I’ll share how to do these on an iPhone at the end of the blog.

What about your car? All cars are roughly the same, steering wheel, accelerator, brakes and because of this few of us read the manual to see what else our car can do. My colleague Laura just got a new car and has just worked out how to use voice activated functions. Seriously, read your car’s manual or check out some YouTube tutorials – you’ll be amazed how much you’re missing out on!!

Smart phones and cars … why should PMaaS be any different?

Actually, there are several very good reasons why some clients miss out on the true magic of PMaaS:

Sometimes new clients tend to be used to thinking in terms of a fixed term contractor and don’t think in terms of flexing and switching types of resource.

Many projects are still very reactive – leading to resource allocation issues, the “aaS” provider is like an emergency service you call to put out the immediate fire (plus there are talent shortages, when there not enough PMs to go round, you instinctively call the company that you know has PMs for a short-term fix!);

A surge in IT projects – it seems every project is an IT Project these days. IT PMs are in demand in non-traditional areas. Again, when you can’t find a PM – who you gonna call?

IR35 – resourcing ‘temporary’ talent with PMaaS carries less hassle (Stoneseed’s talent pool work for us, taking IR35 considerations out of the equation so it’s ‘cleaner’ to resource a project using our PMaaS talent). Also, post IR35 many Project Management professionals left the industry went and did something else altogether (‘my old go-to guy now runs a wine shop’, or similar, is a commonly heard refrain;

… and so on …

So, there are lots of reasons why clients are choosing Stoneseed to fill talent gaps – and we are here for you when you need a BA, a PM or any project talent human resource you care to mention … but …


OK, let’s sort out your immediate resourcing issue. That PM you need, they’re on their way (or they’re working for you remotely – Stoneseed were experts in that before it became the go-to method!)

Then, having eased your immediate pressure, let’s look to the future.

Let’s look to increase the yield from your investment in as a Service IT Project resourcing, honestly, with such huge focus on return on investment these days, it would be mad not to. 

When you plan ahead and use Project Management as a Service as intended (rather than a sort of for project talent) you still get to take advantage of the flexibility of being able to switch in and out resources from our pool of talent, but you also get bonus benefits like governance, the support of the Project Management Office (PMO) and processes, methodologies and tool sets.

At Stoneseed our Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Office, with P3O qualified staff, is the backbone of every service we deliver via our PMaaS model. From onboarding clients to resourcing projects, through consultancy, service provision and transition, it is integral to the success of all our services.

Stoneseed offer a complete Project Management Office (PMO) range of services from provision of single resources to a team of PMO experts; or a full PMO service package via a Managed Service.

We also offer PMO Consultancy and Technical Design Authority, if you have a PMO you wish to refine and improve.

When we shared blog Stoneseed blog on governance with a client for feedback, they pointed out that through our Project Management as a Service (PMaaS), Stoneseed actually provides Governance … as a Service! I love the idea of GaaS – it just doesn’t sound right!

In a sentence, hire a PM through Stoneseed and you’ll get a PM with baked in governance, use PMaaS fully and you can have governance baked into the DNA of your PMO.

At Stoneseed, we know that you are not the same as your competitors, often the tiniest idiosyncrasies are what create your USP. Your IT Projects should be as unique – including governance. Stoneseed’s PMaaS reflects this in the approach taken towards project delivery (the methodologies) – we will never advise based just on what happens to be the latest trend, or what worked well for a previous client.

Our three pillared approach to IT project resourcing can bring tailored governance to your projects:

Pragmatic– the methodology deployed is always fit for purpose. It aims to provide the right amount of governance, balanced with the need to deliver the project outcomes – we don’t implement process for processes sake.

Based on experience– our team are vastly experienced in the delivery of projects and project-based outcomes.  The approach utilises this experience to ensure that projects are delivered in the most effective, efficient and controlled way.

Repeatable– we aim to transfer the skills and knowledge we have in Project Delivery to your onsite teams so that they too can deliver successful outcomes in the future.

Through PMaaS you can benefit from established project methodologies – Waterfall, Agile, Quick Waterfall… or a hybrid approach. The methodology, the approach taken to facilitate project delivery, varies from client to client, dependent upon what currently exists, your organisation’s approach to risk management and the overall maturity of Project Delivery.

Stoneseed’s RMS toolset helps improve resource management and plan capacity with full visibility into the utilisation of resources, timesheet/ expense approval and budget tracking – meaning we get the right people aligned to the right project, at the right time.

Perhaps best of all, by fully utilising Stoneseed’s PMaaS, you fully benefit from our innovative commercial model.

With Stoneseed there are no fixed term contracts, so you could have a project manager on one day rate for 2 months and then a Business Analyst for a month on another rate, rather than hiring these two resources on separate fixed term arrangements.

PMaaS also gives you a single point of accountability for resourcing – a one stop shop, if you will.

Throw in swift onboarding, our track record of cultural alignment (PMaaS does business the way YOU do business, and that utility billing model, and it’s easy to see the value that PMaaS taken as a whole, rather than piecemeal, can deliver.

There’s even more to PMaaS than this, and as PMaaS is tailored for you, it may be that you’ll get EXTRA value that is unique to YOU too.

In conclusion, perhaps it’s time to get the maximum value from that phone of yours, call 01623 723910.

Let’s have a chat! But first, those iPhone hacks:

Where Did I Park? Just ask Siri, “Save my parking spot for me.” Siri will mark your location and when you need to find your car, ask Siri “Where am I parked?” Siri will show you a map and the location of your vehicle.

How To Share YOUR location in an iPhone Message. Open the message thread, type “I’m at” then press the space key. Click “Current Location”, and it will send your location. Your recipient will be directed to their maps and be able to find you!!

How To Make Your Phone Flash Notification Alerts. Go to settings > accessibility > audio/visual > and turn on LED flash for alerts. Turn your phone to silent and get someone the call you!