PMaaS & IR35

We understand that the new intermediaries legislation introduced in April 2017 has presented a number of resource challenges in the Public Sector. Our PMaaS model can help you take IR35 out of the equation for a very simple reason – it doesn’t apply. We employ most of our Project Team, they are on our payroll and therefore comply with UK tax legislation.

For further information, we have summarised the main points of the change in our ‘IR35 UPDATE’, the risks to the Public Sector client and the steps you can take to resource your projects in line with the legislation.

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Read our latest IR35 Blog: IR35. What Next For IT? Private Sector pain?

Stoneseed is listed on Lot 4 within G-Cloud 9 –Specialist Cloud Services. Services offered include Project Management as a Service, Service Delivery Management and Strategic Cloud Evaluation Service.

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