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Flexibility and control

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Flexibility and control are key to a smooth project flight

PMaaS = ∑ Capability + Flexibility + Control. Our PMaaS model is a sum of all these parts but the one that sets Stoneseed apart and is loved by our customers, is flexibility. Combine that with control and you really do have a winning formula.

We provide you the ability to flex resources to follow project demands whilst controlling overheads and without the constrictions of a fixed term, 5 day a week, contract.

How can I illustrate an example of flexibility and control in action? Think about it like this. Imagine your project is a plane flight – at the start, you’re looking for the experienced pilot with thousands of hours under their belt, to control the plane and ensure the safest take off. You can liken this to having a Project Manager solely focused on one project to make sure it gets off to the best start.

As the plane levels out above the clouds, the path is already set so the pilot engages the autopilot option. In terms of your project, you’ve reached ‘stable flight’ so you may want your Project Manager to reduce the hours focused on the one project or move their focus to assist on multiple projects. Now, the end of the flight is approaching, and the pilot is back to take control and carry out a safe landing. Your Project Manager can once again increase their number of dedicated hours to the project to see out a successful delivery and avoid any snags.

Stoneseed’s PMaaS allows you keep control of costs at any stage of your project, whilst allowing you resourcing flexibility to retain control over project slippages or other challenges.

Turn it on, turn it off, turn it up or turn it down. Stoneseed’s innovative on-demand resource model allows you to dial up and down IT project resources in sync with your delivery needs.

Project Management as a Service can give you control (especially in terms of cost), flexibility and a capability boost via access to a wide portfolio of project skills, from a single Project Manager, Business Analyst, Technical Advisory or PMO expert for a few days, right through to a large team of fully utilised project professionals.

PMaaS delivers access to Stoneseed’s team who are experienced across multiple technology solutions, sectors and industries, and we work on all types of projects and programmes from Business Change and Transformation to Infrastructure and Digital. All Stoneseed’s PMaaS IT Project Delivery services are available onsite or remote, in fact we are experts in Remote Project Delivery.

With flexibility as the secret ingredient in any cost saving equation or any cost benefit analysis formula, before you make your next IT Project investment, explore how PMaaS can give you more control.

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