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What kind of Project Manager are you?

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Fast Five Blog Series

This week’s blog is inspired by a quiz in a Cosmo magazine, in a Dentist’s waiting room. While trying to figure out what percentage of funny someone could be, it got me thinking about how certain traits could define what kind of Project Managers are out there.

Keep reading to see if your personality matches any of the below…

  1. The Superhero
    The Superhero can go into any problems head on; budget cuts, losing team members or a change in Project requirements, the Superhero can always save the day. They are adaptable and can always provide much needed guidance to ensure Project success.

  2. The Micro-Manager
    The Micro-Manager ensures that no details are overlooked and are always aware of the team’s progress within the Project. The Micro-Manager is resourceful, creative and a perfectionist. You can expect regular team meetings and status updates from the Micro-Manger as they like to know what is happening, every step of the way.

  3. The Strategist
    The Strategist always has their Project planned to precise steps and knows every member’s role within the Project. They have the vision to plan ahead and are also very much detail orientated ensuring that each step is accomplished the way it has been planned.

  4. The Overachiever
    The Overachieving Project Manager does whatever it takes to get the job done. They are resourceful and creative in their approach and are always willing to do more because ‘good enough’ is never enough.

  5. The General
    The General takes a no-nonsense approach to Project Delivery. The General tends to be a great leader who needs tasks to be executed and completed in a particular way and on time. This type of Project Manager knows how to delegate effectively providing vision and guidance to the Project.

So, did you manage to figure out which of these relates to you the most?

Project Managers are valuable members of an organisation and companies would benefit from having more than one of the types listed above, if not all, working on their Projects. The mix of personalities in a Project Delivery Team is what makes it interesting, successful and dynamic. As the french put it vive la différence!

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