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To raise the standards of your IT Project outcomes, raise the standard of your output

Sign reading 'Raising Standards' next to fallen over waste bin
The title of this blog is possibly the most mind-blowingly obvious sentence ever! It is, isn’t it?! I smiled when I heard Tony Robbins say something similar to an audience he was addressing, an audience who, knowing Tony Robbins, had probably spent many hours and thousands of dollars to hear what he...
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Move over Paul the Octopus. Europe’s IT Project Managers predict The Euros

Do you remember Paul the Octopus? Germany's octopus football oracle who, in 2010, became a worldwide celebrity for his apparent ability to accurately predict the outcomes of World Cup football matches. Paul correctly forecast the result of six of Germany's World Cup games, and also predicted Spain w...
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5 ways to thrive in the world of Project Management

Image of hand holding a globe
There is a difference between managing a project and being a Project Manager. Being qualified and understanding the theory doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be successful. Have a read below of five ways to thrive as a Project Manager in the world of Project Management.  Accepting change All Project Ma...
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5 Pearls of wisdom for Project Managers

Image of pearl necklaces
We all need a bit of inspiration or motivation sometimes... Here are five pearls of wisdom. One from a Project Management expert, the others from more unusual sources. • “The “P” in PM is as much about PEOPLE Management as it is about PROJECT management” - Cornelius Fichtner • “I am always doing tha...
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What kind of Project Manager are you?

Image of a hand holding a pencil up to a question mark
Fast Five Blog SeriesThis week’s blog is inspired by a quiz in a Cosmo magazine, in a Dentist’s waiting room. While trying to figure out what percentage of funny someone could be, it got me thinking about how certain traits could define what kind of Project Managers are out there. Keep reading to se...
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Wear every bruise or scrape as a badge of honour

Image of person doing a backflip
Guest Blog by Bettina Wink – Project Manager at Stoneseed A few weeks ago, a friend of mine met me for a cuppa in our local café, with her was her twelve-year-old daughter, who was looking rather despondent, and in need of cheering up. Mad keen on skateboarding, she had taken a tumble on the ramps a...
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Stoneseed are at Project Challenge

Event postponed until 6th October 2020. Hope to see you there
EVENT POSTPONED UNTIL 6TH OCTOBER 2020Stoneseed are proud to announce we have a stand at Project Challenge Spring Show 2020 at Olympia in March.We will be showcasing Project Management as a Service.  Come down and visit us on stand No 42. Admission is FREE Stoneseed’s Project Management as a Service...
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Starting out in IT Project Management – seven TOP tips (and refreshers for the rest of us)

Image of wooden blocks that spell out 'TIPS'
“Hi, David. As you’ve been in IT Project Management for years, do you have any tips for someone at the start of their career?” How to make someone feel old in one question!! Hahaha! I actually loved getting this email from a newly qualified IT Project Manager, Matthew, this week. He meant well, even...
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Know when to pull in subject matter expertise! New Year, new IT Project Manager you - part 4

Image of a fireman putting out a fire
How are those New Year Resolutions holding up? It’s OK me too! As I write this, we’re now (just) into February. Dry January can, at last, be consigned to history! Perhaps as well as we are now one-twelfth into the new year - how are those 2020 goals progressing? Discussing those goals with IT Projec...
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Improve 1 percent and develop GOOD habits. New Year, New IT Project Manager You - Part 3.

Image of pen marking 'New Habits' on a calendar
How are those New Year Resolutions holding up? After conversations with IT Project Management colleagues, friends, clients and acquaintances, it seems that there are some broad themes in the areas we have identified for improvement this year. That’s what this series of five posts is all about. The f...
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Beware Confirmation Bias. New Year, New IT Project Manager You - Part 2

Image of coloured number blocks
Have you made any New Year Resolutions? I’ve been chatting with IT Project Management colleagues, friends, clients and acquaintances over Christmas and it seems that collectively, and yet, independently, we have identified areas for improvement. That’s what this series of five posts is all about. Th...
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Cognitive dissonance – the silent IT Project killer (and how to combat it)

Image of a shocked expression
Have you ever worked on an IT Project, utterly convinced that everything that you are doing will bring success, only to have the project fail to deliver? I mean, we’ve all been there at some point in our careers. In many ways it’s a stupid question because, well, why would you do things that you wer...
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The IT Project Management lessons from throw away pants

Image of neatly stacked underwear
It’s reassuring that even the planet’s biggest brands mess up! When they do, their mistakes can become global news and great lessons are there for all to see. Now, In IT Project Management, mistakes rarely trouble the headline writers. They can, and do, impact an organisation’s bottom line though. A...
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IT Project Management basics part one - Have we lost the art of SMART?

Image of blackboard explaining SMART goals
During a recent conversation about IT Project Management and, specifically how to set and achieve goals, I was told that something I'd said was, and I quote, "amazing". I think "amazing" is the most over used word in the English language these days, usually with the middle 'a' elongated, "amaaaaaaaa...
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SIX!!! 6 lessons for IT Project Management from a great weekend of sport

Image of a red sports ball
This weekend I watched some remarkable displays of sporting endurance where the winners, in both cases, just seemed to have a little something extra left in their locker to power them onto victory after long, hard matches. IT Project Management can be a long, hard slog too and, with the rate of fail...
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IT Project Perception and how misuse of '&' really lets you down

Image of various '&' fonts
Guest blog by Nicol Cutts – Stoneseed Head of Projects     I reviewed an initial project scope document for a Project Manager last week. In the four pages of text, there were 37 ‘&’s. So what? '&' or the ampersand is often misused and misunderstood. Largely thanks to social media communicati...
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Knock, knock. Who's there? The no joke approach to improving IT Project performance

At a wedding recently, the nephew of the bride was a bit of a comedian. He was about nine years old, with a cheeky smile and we genuinely laughed when he bounded up and delivered this joke! "Knock, knock!""Who’s there?" we replied."Hatch""Hatch who?""Bless you!" he said drily, handing us a handkerch...
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Guest — Doug Struthers

Too many to choose from

I thought of quoting the "key comments" from the above article. The truth is, there are too many of them ....... please read and... Read More
Tuesday, 09 April 2019 10:40
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Is IT Project Management doing enough to make Tim Berners-Lee proud?

I started to write this on the day that the world's media declared that the "internet turned 30". OK, without getting nerdy, although the terms are often used interchangeably, March 12, was actually the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web. But hey, semantics – right?! Whatever you want to call it...
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Five shortcuts to managing IT Project stakeholder expectation

I've noticed a bit of a trend. Of the IT Projects that I've seen fall into ‘special measures’ of late, they've all had something in common - a gap between stakeholder expectation and reality. It's actually (paradoxically) both easy and hard to nail this. Some project teams struggle but, like with mo...
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Reframing dysfunctional beliefs could save your IT project

Working with IT project teams for many years now, I've noticed an easily fixed issue that crops up in struggling projects year after year. I'm sure that I've written about it before, probably more than once and as it just happened again, I thought it worth a fresh reminder. IT Projects are being cho...
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