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Deep fried BRie – A Lesson in IT Project Benefits Realisation

picture of deep fried brie
I was at my friend’s house for dinner the other night, on the menu his legendary deep-fried brie, breadcrumbed and served with caramelised red onion marmalade and home-made, lightly peppered potato wedges. To die for!! As we sat at the table, glass of wine in hand, a small plate of ping pong sized b...
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Last quarter of 2021! IT Project Trends so far and how to leverage them

Image of someone explaining graph on a computer screen
As I’m writing this, the Autumn Equinox has just passed, we’re moving into the last quarter of 2021, and my news feed is full of how this particular equinox is traditionally the time to be setting new intentions. What better time to reflect on the IT Project Management trends of the year and reset a...
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To raise the standards of your IT Project outcomes, raise the standard of your output

Sign reading 'Raising Standards' next to fallen over waste bin
The title of this blog is possibly the most mind-blowingly obvious sentence ever! It is, isn’t it?! I smiled when I heard Tony Robbins say something similar to an audience he was addressing, an audience who, knowing Tony Robbins, had probably spent many hours and thousands of dollars to hear what he...
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Agility is now not just a methodology, It’s a survival mode

Radio playing music
“I know the situation's changed (situation changed), and so much is new, but something in my life remains the same, cause … everything changes, but you.”  The song “Everything Changes” just came on the radio as I was helping unpick an IT Project with a client. The project started before the pandemic...
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Not so fast Rishi – A return to the office? A remote possibility for IT Project Talent

Laptop screen showing business video call
The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has given a clear signal that he is keen for staff to return to the workplace. During an interview with LinkedIn News, he highlighted the benefits, especially for young people. of being in the workplace and said that it was ‘really beneficial' at the start of his career....
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You want what? When? The new challenges of more disruption for IT Projects and how PMaaS can help

Image of mobile phones
“My project is a challenge,” said my IT Project Leader friend Malc, “it’s not that the goal posts keep moving, it’s more like they keep getting burned down”. “Every day, I’m like, ‘You want what? When?’” It’s true! I’ve never known a less stable IT Project delivery landscape. Disruptive, volatile, u...
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Post IR35: 5 reasons PMaaS has never been more relevant

Image of pencil erasing the handwritten word 'problem'
Another IR35 implementation date has passed and (just like in the public sector) there were winners and losers; an inevitable erosion of the flexible, agile talent pool that has, hitherto, been immensely valuable to the IT Project Management industry; and a lot of disgruntlement about the way the CE...
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Managing your meatloaves! Five IT Project Management myths

picture of cut meatloaf with '5 myths' in text
“At this week’s Team Meeting I got an MVP badge for my work! A badge! What am I? Ten years old?” An IT Project Manager, industry veteran, and friend Dave sent this in an exasperated email this week. He’s been at the game for more years than he and I care to remember and is currently the “most experi...
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An IT Project talent gap 5 years ahead of its time needs a solution that’s a decade ahead of its.

Image of 'Mind the Gap' painted floor sign
Image of 'Mind the Gap' painted floor sign *  IT Project Managers and Business Analysts are in demand. More so than ever, it feels. *  This has been on the cards for some time, but the last 12 months has really accelerated the problem.*  IT Project teams that are not responding and adapting to these...
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Pitch Perfect IT Project Resource Planning. You and Stoneseed UNITED To Deliver Your Business Goals

Image of a football being kicked
I’m writing this after watching my beloved Manchester United’s demolition of Roma in the Europa League semi-final and Chelsea’s Champions League semi-final win over Real Madrid, and as always, I am drawn to the parallels that exist between our world of IT Project Management and that of elite footbal...
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If demand for IT Project Managers starts to outstrip supply - how to affordably resource your IT Projects

Image showing balance of demand and supply, with demand weighing down
The acceleration of digital projects and the apparent “projectification” of just about every business function means the services of project managers and associated professionals are suddenly very much in demand!   To be honest, it feels weird to be trumpeting some good news against a backdrop of so...
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Why IT Projects Shouldn't Be Sheepish About BAaaS

Picture a Project Manager, a full team and a Business Analyst ... on every project. IT Project Nirvana. Budgets are tight so often it's the latter that either gets sacrificed, usually merged into someone else's role. Many Project Managers have in the past, had parts of their job description that loo...
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The evolving role of the Project Manager

Image of human evolution
What do you think when you think Project Manager? Technical Project Management skills? The need to understand project scope, how to build a schedule and a budget and ensure the deliverables are produced on time?While all those things are still vital to the role of a Project Manager, the role of a PM...
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PMaaS - How flexible access to skills is delivering IT Project success in uncertain times

Image of shoes with arrows pointing in all directions around them
On a Zoom call with a client today, he and I were discussing how things had changed over the space of the past year. In and among the small talk, he said something about Agile vs Waterfall that got me thinking – I’ll come back to it. First, a short recap of the last year. As I write, it’s the start ...
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New Year, New Budgets, New Projects! NEW CHALLENGES. Do IT Projects need new solutions?

Image of man surfboarding across a lava lake
Happy New Year! I am never sure when to stop saying that. Traditionally, I stop around a week into being back to work, but then nothing about this New Year is normal, is it? There’s never been a New Year and back to work period like this! Ever! For a start, many of us aren’t back in the actual offic...
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5 Project Manager resolutions for the New Year

Image of a sparkler
It’s that time of year where we make resolutions make for the New Year. Below, we have listed a few that you might consider, as a Project Manager, to not only improve your Project delivery but to help you improve your own skills. Set some realistic goals Did you struggle to meet the goals you set fo...
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WFA is the new WFH and it is unleashing huge IT project potential

Image of people working from home on laptops
Every cloud has a silver lining, they say. Did you discover that working from home turned out to be just that? Few I speak to are keen to return to the old ways of schlepping into town to grind out a nine to five in the office, when you can nail the working day in your pyjamas! Have you also discove...
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Creating more from less. PMs and BAs and the alchemy of post pandemic business recovery

Image of scissors cutting fabric
Less Is More. We all know this saying! It was apparently first popularised by minimalist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in the 1940s and has since been transformed into countless hackneyed platitudes by advertisers, a song by Joss Stone, an album by Marillion and the name of a tour by Natasha Be...
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The rise of the business focussed PMO – On the shoulders of IT

Image of people shaking hands and clapping
This feels like a door we’ve been pushing at for a long time. Companies and organisations seeking greater efficiency and tighter monitoring and control of IT projects opened Project Management Offices (PMO) and quickly got the results that they desired and more! As IT Projects became more business c...
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Six lessons IT Project Management can learn from Spitting Image

Image of television showing 'Spitting Image'
After 24 years, Spitting Image is back. Not on Sunday night, mainstream ITV now but tucked away behind a Britbox paywall. However effective the newly moulded rubber caricatures of today’s politicians, showbiz stars and members of the royal family prove to be, it will be hard pushed to match the impa...
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