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Remote control: how to support a virtual IT project

I remember reading a report called "The Challenges of Remotely Managing A Project". It must be more than ten years ago now and it's interesting thinking back to how I felt reading it. I and many others were already enjoying benefits in working collaboratively with colleagues who were not in the same...
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Seven secrets of CIO success as taught by the CIO 100

What can we learn from the top CIOs in the UK?  Originally published in recently published its Top 100 most transformative and disruptive CIOs in the UK. Each name on the list has given a neat interview that gives a unique insight into the thinking of this country's leading CIOs. I...
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Why You Should Stop Saying Sorry In IT Projects

Why You Should Stop Saying Sorry In IT Projects
I was in a client's office kitchen with a project manager I was working with who with was making us both a cup of tea. He was standing in front of the drawer that contained all the cutlery when a colleague entered in search of a fork.  "Excuse me, John, can I just get in the drawer please." Joh...
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The Perfect IT Project Planning Tool For You!

The Perfect IT Project Planning Tool For You!
I'd only just arrived on a client visit this week and already this was my kind of conversation. "But Scoro has a real-time dashboard for monitoring KPIs!" said a voice from inside the meeting room. My ears pricked up.  "Yeah but Basecamp has great performance reporting too and the collaborative tool...
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IT Project Leaders or Managers?

Who's Best? And How To Survive Without Either On Your Payroll… Driving home, listening to the radio the other day, the Shangri-Las came on with their classic hit "Leader Of The Pack". It jumped out at me, not least because of the noisy motorbike sound effects but also because I had been contemplatin...
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Since when did BA stand for bloomin' amazing?

Previously published on A great BA is worth their weight in gold, here’s why…… The IT business analyst role has traditionally been one that facilitates communication between IT and business stakeholders. Subsequently, business analysts have always had great skills in this area, adept at both...
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7 Reasons why IT Project Managers were born to blog

"You're so passionate about Project Management, you should write a blog about it," one of my colleagues said a couple of years back. That's how it started. I wrote one blog and then, having found it quite enjoyable, I wrote a second and then a third. I got some nice feedback, got shared, had a clien...
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Still haven't found what you're looking for?

Need an alternative to IT project apps?  The Project Management app market seems to be saturated, each promising that theirs is the definitive solution. It's like diets and self-help books! If each is so great why do we need so many? It does make choosing the right one very hard. Of course, no two I...
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Every IT project fail is a step to success

I have come to a conclusion this week ... most IT Project challenges are not solved by theoretical, intelligent design. Now, I make a living delivering project success through proper planning, processes, governance, etc. ... in other words theoretical, intelligent design - so let me explain what I m...
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Stoneseed Services now available on G-Cloud 9 Framework

Stoneseed is listed on Lot 4 - Specialist Cloud ServicesServices offered include Project Management as a Service, Service Delivery Management and Strategic Cloud Evaluation Service Stoneseed Ltd is delighted to be awarded a place on the Government’s Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 9 framework. we are li...
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Why IT Project Managers must strategically upskill

Project Managers need to strategically upskill to deliver the business value needed in the future. This is the key take home from a survey from AXELOS ahead their Summer reboot of PRINCE2. "Organisations will demand greater business awareness from project managers in the next few years. As a result,...
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Is psychometric testing perfect for IT?

Originally published on When I asked associates, acquaintances and clients (who had all recently recruited for IT roles) how many had used personality type or psychometric testing, 7 out of 10 said that they had. I recall the response from a survey by the Society for Human Resource Managemen...
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Defrag your IT to-do list

After a successful Bank Holiday building flat pack furniture, I decided that I would get proactive on all the other little jobs around the house. You know the ones. The loose this, the broken that, the "in need of oiling" the other. They're the jobs that are mentally scheduled for completion "at som...
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Pitching an IT project? Benefits sell, details don’t

It makes sense doesn't it? Which exercise DVD are you going to buy? The one that features 50 different gruelling exercises or the one that promises you'll drop a dress size in a week? Harvard Business School professor, Theodore Levitt, once put this beautifully, “People don’t want to buy a quarter-i...
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Collaboration. If it’s good enough for Paul McCartney...

There was a time when collaborations between music artists were a rarity. Queen and David Bowie, George Michael and Aretha Franklin, Lionel Richie and Diana Ross ... they stood out. It was quite exciting when your favourite artist teamed up with someone else because the outcome was always something ...
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IT Project Management: where did it all go right?

"Have you ever wondered why over half of IT Projects fail?" said the voice on the other end of the phone. The cold caller hadn't ingratiated himself by calling me "Dave". I'm David. It's not that I mind "Dave". It's just not my name. Quite an assumption too, I mean, I wonder if he'd open a call to s...
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I just gave some seemingly contrary advice."You need to be more solid, steady, dependable, consistent - you're all over the place," I told an experienced IT Project Manager friend who is having one of those blips where nothing goes right."OK, how?" he asked.I thought and answered, "You need to be mo...
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