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Use your life to beta test IT Project thought processes and methodologies

Image of pool dividers
Have you ever thought about trying something new in your delivery of IT Projects but eventually decided to play safe? It happens to us all, I guess. I mean keeping it fresh is great but if you wreck your IT Project and at the post-mortem, it's revealed that the project failed because you tried somet...
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IT Project Leadership #2: How to lead a team through burnout and boredom

Image of woman who is bored leaning over her laptop
I’ve been thinking about IT Projects that we've helped steer out of troubled waters lately and in, probably, eight out of ten cases the issue was with the people working on the project. This isn't a criticism of that talent, far from it, I'd happily be a referee for most of them. The issue isn't qua...
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Happy tenth birthday Stoneseed. How tech and IT Project landscapes have changed in a decade (and a quiz)!!

Image of the Stoneseed birthday cake
I am writing this with cake and champagne on my desk, instead of the usual Monday coffee and rich tea biscuit. The reason for such opulence at the start of the week is that, at Stoneseed, we are celebrating our tenth anniversary. The tech world was a very different place 10 years ago! A decade ago, ...
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IT Project Support - How long after delivery should you be on short dial?

Image of a landline
In a blaze of glory, the fantastic piece of software you've been working hard on is introduced to your client organisation. The system goes live without a hitch - you are an IT delivery expert, after all. Each and every requirement is delivered, the project is on-time and within budget. Customer tra...
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IT Project Leadership #1: How to stop corridor conversations becoming business expectations

Image of two people talking in a corridor
IT Project Leadership has never been more challenging and complex. In this, the first of a short series, I'm going to look at some of the issues that you and I face and share some solutions. If nothing, else let's acknowledge that the challenges are universal and take solace from the fact that it's ...
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Be an IT Project Marie Kondo - declutter your Portfolio

Image of stationary clutter
When we're called in to rescue AWOL IT Projects we come across a lot of the usual suspects: scope creep; unrealistic budgets; overambitious timescales; etc. More recently though, we are seeing a new trend. Projects are failing just because they are heaving under unnecessary layers of CLUTTER! As IT ...
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Straight Talk on Project Management VOLUME III - Available now!

Image of Straight Talk on Project Management Volume III
This month, we are happy to announce the launch of another volume of our eBook! The previous two volumes we published  of Straight Talk on Project Management by David Cotgreave, have proved so successful that we decided to do VOLUME III. Since the last volume, David has continued to enlighten us wit...
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Alice Meehan - Stoneseed Colleague Recognition Scheme

Profile Image for Alice Meehan
We are delighted to award Project Administrator, Alice Meehan the Stoneseed Colleague Recognition Scheme. Each month the staff at Stoneseed are asked to nominate their colleagues as part of a recognition scheme, where they have seen hard work, over achievement or acts of kindness and helpfulness. Th...
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Conflict - your greatest IT project opportunity?

Image of a clenched fist
It's great when an IT Project progresses from implementation to delivery without a hitch, an event free ride from start to finish with no bumps in the road. Or is it? How does the word “Conflict” make YOU feel? I asked a few colleagues and their responses ranged from anxiety to aggression, from some...
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Successful IT Project Teams Watch Their Language

Image of a woman gasping
"What can we do better?"Watch-your-language "What's going wrong?" Both these questions were asked by different Project Managers leading IT Projects that were failing this year. Both had identified issues, both were keen to sort those issues out, both held almost identical team meetings to address th...
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Cultural fit is not a PMaaS luxury. It's a pillar of your partnership

Image of television showing 'Devil Wears Prada'
"As luck would have it, they fitted in perfectly!" This is one of my favourite bits of client feedback! It refers to a particularly successful deployment of Project Management as a Service resources. The email as a whole talks about the effectiveness of the talent, the extra experience and skills th...
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IT Project Perception and how misuse of '&' really lets you down

Image of various '&' fonts
Guest blog by Nicol Cutts – Stoneseed Head of Projects     I reviewed an initial project scope document for a Project Manager last week. In the four pages of text, there were 37 ‘&’s. So what? '&' or the ampersand is often misused and misunderstood. Largely thanks to social media communicati...
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IR35 and Private Sector IT. You Are Here!

Image on Resource Managing at Stoneseed
The Private Sector IR35 countdown clock is ticking louder and louder. Before you can say "non-compliant off-payroll Project Manager", it will be time for private firms to follow the Public Sector pioneers into this new world. It's come around quick, hasn't it? One of my accountant friends drily comm...
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When riding your IT project cycle - do you know how or when to get off? The value of closeout

When discussing Stoneseed's Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) solutions with clients I am always intrigued by the way they manage IT projects. In almost every case, the client will walk us through some form of lifecycle, typically composing four stages that can be loosely labelled along the fo...
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Knock, knock. Who's there? The no joke approach to improving IT Project performance

At a wedding recently, the nephew of the bride was a bit of a comedian. He was about nine years old, with a cheeky smile and we genuinely laughed when he bounded up and delivered this joke! "Knock, knock!""Who’s there?" we replied."Hatch""Hatch who?""Bless you!" he said drily, handing us a handkerch...
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Ian Hawley - Stoneseed Colleague Recognition Scheme

Profile Image for Ian Hawley
We are delighted to award Project Manager, Ian Hawley the Stoneseed Colleague Recognition Scheme for this month, with his efforts recognised by both his colleagues and client. Each month the staff at Stoneseed are asked to nominate their colleagues as part of a recognition scheme, where they have se...
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Is IT Project Management doing enough to make Tim Berners-Lee proud?

I started to write this on the day that the world's media declared that the "internet turned 30". OK, without getting nerdy, although the terms are often used interchangeably, March 12, was actually the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web. But hey, semantics – right?! Whatever you want to call it...
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Which IT Project Methodology? Waterfall – why and why not?

In a recent 'flyover' of IT Project Methodologies, I promised that I would return to each individually and assess their advantages and disadvantages. In this, the first in a series of posts, let's take a look at Waterfall.  Waterfall. What Is It, When Should You Use It? 1970 was quite a year for fir...
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IT Project Portfolio Management. Less is more. Now isn't that ironic. Don't you think?

My friend tells the story of a 4x4 SSV he used to own. Famous marque, I won't name them, but not a cheap car AT ALL! The vehicle developed a fault, the reverse light wasn't working and there was a considerable delay between changing gear and the dashboard display registering the gear you were in. He...
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The rising value of the IT Business Analyst

The evolution of the IT Business Analyst role is increasingly seeing the job description stretch beyond the "IT" further into the "Business" territory. This means greater career prospects for analysts but also real challenges for businesses who do not have a character like this on their team. It's a...
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