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All change - all change - six reasons why project managers make the best change managers

70% of business change initiatives fail. Ok, so not the cheeriest of starts.   BUT that’s why your best Change Manager is your Project Manager. I'll explain. First thought, can we deal with that 70% thing?   Put '70 percent of change initiatives fail' into Google. How many responses? 137 million? So...
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No gurus, no textbooks - how with a little reflection you could make yourself a better Project Manager

Here is an article I wrote for my monthly blog on my blog 'Straight Talk on Project Management'  I was listening to Smooth Radio when Michael Jackson's ‘Man In The Mirror’ came on. I had never realised before - what a great IT Project Manager he would have made! The song's all about clear me...
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Start with your end picture in clear focus - on point IT project management advice from an unusual source

I was privy to a conversation about IT Project Management success this week. What was most interesting about this head to head was that it wasn't between two IT Project Managers. I mean, one of the contributors was an IT Project and Change Leader - always impeccably dressed in a very smart but casua...
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Top 5 useful blogs you should read on Project Management

Here are our 5 favourite blogs on Project Management with tips for project managers. These blogs provide practical guides and the most up-to-date advice from experienced IT professionals and project managers. Why not read and subscribe to these during your daily commute? Click the links below for mo...
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There's a reason why U N I are at the heart of communicate- Communication matters

Few things kill a project quicker than ineffective or over complicated communication. At the heart of it, when you communicate - what's important? Have you ever really thought about it? Actually, in the interests of clarity - take my question literally. Focus on the heart of the word 'communicate' ....
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Could you de-dupe your project like you do your data?

Too much work? Are workdays spilling into the weekend? Late nights? Anxiety dreams about deadlines? How often do you wish you could duplicate yourself?! ACTUALLY, rather than trying to genetically grow another you have you considered applying a trick that you use on your data? Could you de-dupe your...
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Making a meal out of Project Management - PM lessons are all around

I thought I'd share an article I wrote for my monthly blog on my blog 'Straight Talk on Project Management' Sometimes, as a Project Manager, you can feel that you are in the loneliest of places, up late at night sweating over a project that is running late, working long weekends when everyon...
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6 reasons IT Project Managers must be more innovative

As the New Year started I wrote a handful of blogs about challenges faced by Project Managers and how we are better equipped than ever to face them now. However, after I asked, "How many PMs work in a tangibly different way in the New Year to how they did in the last? In my blog 'The Project...
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The Project Manager roadmap for 2016

As January draws to a close I thought I'd share an article I wrote for my monthly blog on my blog 'Straight Talk on Project Management' I kept getting asked for my predictions for Project Management in 2016. I always find thinking this way rather at odds with our world. How many Project Mana...
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Bye bye Bi, hello Multimodal IT - The best IT fit for you

Independently, three clients have mentioned 'bimodal IT' to me over the last fortnight. Must be something in the water, or more likely it's been trending again in IT circles on social media. Which would hardly be surprising. I remember when Gartner's Lydia Leong first coined the buzzword in 2014, I ...
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G-Cloud 7 - Changes to Public Sector IT Procurement are good news for buyers and vendors alike

Read any policy announcement from Central or Local Government in the UK and, between the lines, you will read just how increasingly important technology will be to public sector plans. From chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn Statement earmarking spending and saving plans to the many local authoritie...
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Why a stuttering economy should not impact business critical IT Projects. 4 ways to make sure it doesn't

Last summer, as global economies were improving, I noticed an increased demand for business-strategy-critical IT projects - I also observed that there was a shortage of resources to handle the demand. Now it's January. Things have slowed. The U.K. economy is "sluggish", China's growth is at its slow...
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In a bimodal 2016 focus on what you're world class at - your strength is in knowing where you are vulnerable

A thought occurred to me whilst reading this year's Gartner CIO Agenda Report. It’s a kind of a New Year resolution. In 2016, focus on what YOU are World Class at. In areas where you aren't a world beater – GET SOMEONE IN WHO IS. Carry out a gap analysis, have someone independently run a critical ey...
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Project Managers - Here's to a challenge busting 2016!

Having a bit of a New Year sort out, I re-read some of the notes that I'd made whilst working with Project Managers, Project teams and CIOs over the course of 2015. Gathered during gap analysis sessions, meetings (both face to face and across Facetime or Skype) and from email conversations with orga...
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2016 - The rise of the CPO - You always were into Star Wars

I just smiled. I'm writing this blog in a coffee house and an old friend just walked by my table and asked me what I was doing. I said I was writing a blog about the rise of the CPO to which she replied, "Aw, you always were into Star Wars!" Actually, she's not that far off the mark when you conside...
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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the team at Stoneseed. We’ll be back on 4 January with a great year of articles. We’ve been blogging on a weekly basis for just over two years now and hope you enjoy reading our posts. We look forward to sharing many more with you in 2016. If you’re missing ou...
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Project Managers - In 2016 resolve to get realistic and relax

It’s that time again, you reflect on the past year and hopefully create an even better one for the next twelve months.  I’m not sure if we collectively got better at delivering IT projects in 2015, but anecdotally it feels that way. Certainly the organisations I work with are enjoying greater effici...
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Want To Be More Productive? Think About Axing Deadlines!

Feels great missing a deadline doesn't it? Err, actually. No! Of course, you could take solace from the fact that a lot of project deadlines are missed by a lot of PMOs every day - you only have to look at the statistics on projects that fail to get a sense of that but it won't make you feel any bet...
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Why your organisation needs a PMO to be its heart and mind!

A project management office (PMO) is a team or department that defines and maintains standards for project management within your business. The five main Project Management Office 'wins' are: 1 - PMO Reduce number of failed projects 2 - PMO Regularly deliver projects not just within but under budget...
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Aas I see it - Project Management by 2020 will be delivered as a Service

Within the next five years, organisations will be relying much more on Project Management function that has been bought in ‘as a Service’. They will have to. The PM landscape will have changed significantly by 2020. In his webinar "Project Management in 2020", Gartner Research VP Michael Hanford spe...
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