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62% of CIOs are finding it difficult to recruit talent to drive transformation. If you can't recruit - buy!

62% of CIOs are finding it difficult to recruit talent to drive transformation. So writes Access Talent's Adam Morrell. Given that IT now is increasingly about adding business value through transformation you could be depriving your organisation of potential growth and efficiencies if you find yours...
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How to deal with IT project politics - Hire a female Project Manager and 8 other tips

Politics in Project Management is unavoidable. How you deal with project politics though could be the difference between success and failure. Every office has politics but for project managers, it's often more intense as teams regularly come together for the life-cycle of the specific project and th...
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FIVE ways to refocus your IT Business Service Delivery now and ONE big reason why you must

NOW is the time to make sure your IT Service Delivery is functioning at its best. Why now? According to Gartner's forecast, the worldwide IT services market will grow to nearly $914 billion this year and considering that outsourcing will contribute over half of market growth, Gartner expects the mar...
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Never, ever fear failure. 7 powerful lessons to learn when IT projects fail

I bet you can ride a bicycle now, am I right? How many times did you fall off whilst learning? How many plasters got applied to scuffed knees, how many times did you nearly go over the handlebars because you applied the front brake too harshly? How many tears? How many tantrums? None of these were c...
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Is your project team made up of puppets or pioneers?

I recently had the pleasure of working with two IT Project Teams who are paradoxically both very similar and very different. The first, I'll call them 'Team X' was struggling to deliver projects within agreed parameters and the second, 'Team Y' was hitting targets but was asking 'what else can we do...
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Why IT projects and great project managers are like handbags

The other day I was out shopping for a handbag, yes that’s right a handbag, on this occasion for my wife. It was a sunny day, the football was on telly, the barbeque and beer in the fridge were calling me but I was shopping for handbags. I REALLY love my wife. Now I must confess, I am not much of an...
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Having created the LAWS you have to uphold them

Following my last post in, I had a lot of feedback about creating bespoke hybrid Project Management methodologies like the one, I invented that I called LAWS (a blend of Lean, Agile, Waterfall and Six Sigma).  Also, after I balked at the acronym that would come from an Agile/Six Sigma hybrid...
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From now on, IT will not support the business - IT will be the business

Digital technology has already changed the business service delivery landscape. The thing that we call IT is evolving, you’ve probably felt it in your business. When school kids look back in history class at the era we’re about to navigate, they will reflect upon it on a par with the industrial revo...
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The 10 key concerns for CIOs and the five things you can do now to address them

Now in its 36th year, The Society for Information Management's (SIM) IT Trends Study has taken the pulse of the IT industry and identified 10 key concerns for CIOs in the year ahead. I think there are five things YOU can do NOW to address them all. First, though, why take notice? Well firstly, SIM's...
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The 4 Must Achieve Goals To Make Cloud Leading To Sunshine The Forecast For Your Business IT

I heard this weather forecast today on the radio - "Cloud ... leading to sunshine." If only it were always the case with IT. It feels like everyone and everything is in the cloud these days. Data is stored in the cloud, applications are hosted in the cloud, services are accessed directly from the cl...
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DevOps | The biggest challenge for the multisourcing sector is also its biggest opportunity for growth

There's a really interesting article by Stephanie Overby at about organisations experimenting with new DevOps application delivery methods, but using in-house delivery talent because they’re not yet convinced that their IT service providers are up to the job. I believe that this is the bigge...
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Five tangles that could really be damaging your IT project - and how to de-tangle them

I was just asked to cast ‘an experienced eye’ over an IT project that had gone off the rails. "I think it needs more governance," the project's sponsor told me. What I found was a familiar sight, a project that was not failing through lack of governance but instead a lack of simplicity. The project ...
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You’ll read many statistics about why IT Projects fail – now read one solution for project success

I came across a statistic that I'd jotted down in an old diary. If I'm reading my scribbled note correctly it says that 97% of organisations think that project management is critical to the success of their business. That’s such a large percentage I had to check it ... and it's right – actually I fo...
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How to stop your project going off-piste - Lessons in project management from the ski slopes

Regular readers will know that I often write about how life can present you with perfect metaphors that illustrate how Project Management could and should be. Whether it's on a train, in a restaurant or even on holiday, often watching others do what they do can provide great insights that you can ta...
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Nine important lessons IT Project Managers can learn from the Leicester City fairytale

Probably like you, over the past week I have been rather swept away by the wonderful fairytale that is Leicester City's league title win - even friends who don't follow football have been caught up in the romance of a triumphant underdog coming out on top. It is a wonderful story but make no mistake...
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A third of the way through 2016! Are you two-thirds away from the perfect Project Management Office?

As we enter May it has just struck me - we're a third of the way through 2016! So ... Are you two-thirds away from having the perfect PMO? The one that you envisaged when you made those New Year resolutions maybe? Or did work get in the way? It's OK if you got so busy working on Projects that you di...
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Which is best? Waterfall or Agile? - How creating your own hybrid methodology can be the best solution

Common sense, bravery and nailing the basics. How creating your own hybrid methodology can be the best solution. "Which is best? Waterfall or Agile?" a client asked this week. For me, ineffective Project Management, a better question would be "Which is the best methodology for THIS specific part of ...
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Over three quarters of IT Project Managers aren't sure what they do makes a difference to their business

Project Management ‘know-how’ must evolve into ‘know-why’. Over three-quarters of Project Managers surveyed (76%) question whether what they do is aligned to business objectives. Aligning IT projects with business strategy is crucial for maximum yield and effectiveness, so should alarm bells be ring...
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2016 is your year - 7 reasons why Project Management is the key tech role

Coming from a Project Management background I've been muttering this under my breath for years, but now I can say, with some conviction, that Project Management is THE key tech role - and it's only going to get MORE important. Don’t just take my word for it – Forbes think Project Management is the m...
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Project Manager - which superpower do you have?

At the start of this month, I read a nice article from Kiron Bondale entitled "What Superpower Do You Wish You Had As A Project Manager?" It made me smile because as Kiron writes, "Project managers are often asked to perform miracles, so they can be forgiven for occasionally wishing for magical powe...
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