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Three ways you can create your own IT Project Management luck!

Have you ever toiled with a cursed IT Project? Imagine your server not arriving because there is a man standing on a gantry on the M1, shutting it for 28 hours. Imagine your kit arrives with American plugs. Imagine your lead architect getting stuck in Iceland because of a volcano erupting. Sometimes...
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Hofstadter- 'It always takes longer than you expect' - How IT Project Managers can fight the law and win

I heard Hofstadter's law being quoted by programmers and Project Managers and it caught my attention. If you're a ‘Big Bang Theory’ fan you'd be forgiven for thinking that Hofstadter's law is "the more, you try not to appear like a geek - the more charmingly geeky you'll appear". (I love Leonard! If...
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To be pitch perfect - sing the same song. Plus four other shortcuts to an IT Project greenlight

5 tips to successfully pitch an IT project. So many worthwhile IT Projects never even get greenlighted here’s why. Originally published in CIO magazine. You had made a solid case for your IT Project, convincing you and your team that the C-suite would be putty in your hands. The appointment to pitch...
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Does your organisation need a PMO? Here are seven great questions to help you decide

The conclusion drawn by most IT/tech firms is that they do. So, as most companies digitise their service offer and effectively become IT/tech firms - the question is does YOUR organisation need a PMO? Seven great questions coming up to help you decide. First though, it would be a mistake to enter th...
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27% of CIOs predict an increase of IT contractors on their books – How not to get handcuffed to expensive retainers

One of the greatest arguments for hiring contractors over permanent staff is reduced headcount - when work is quiet you want fewer "bums on seats" waiting for something to do. I am therefore surprised to find many companies are voluntarily tying themselves into contracts with contractors that effect...
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Five compelling reasons to plug your project management skills gaps

In the ever changing, lightning speed IT world, effective Project Management delivers operational excellence. As every company is now, in some way, an IT operation IT Project management is something that every company needs. It is, however, something that many companies do not have. Not completely. ...
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Where will an IT Service Delivery Roadmap take you?

All IT Organisations should have an IT Service Delivery roadmap, and with the increased digitisation of most industries meaning that pretty soon every business will BE an IT Organisation - now might be a good time to consider yours. Charities, for example, would probably not consider themselves to b...
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7 steps to ensure your approach to IT Problem Management ISN'T the problem

When pushed, most organisations would claim that they have an IT incident response plan. It's surprising though how few have committed such a plan to paper or created a policy or a process that is clear and easily deployed. It is an unfortunate trend and often, the greatest pain caused to your organ...
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Stoneseed featured in Computer Weekly article - ‘How Action for Children improved IT Service Delivery’

In an article published on the Computer Weekly website, Stoneseed are spotlighted in regards to their recent work with Action for Children. In the piece, titled ‘How Action for Children improved IT Service Delivery’ they discuss how Stoneseed developed a CMMI assessment to help Action for Children u...
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Six lessons that IT Project Managers can learn from the world's best athletes

Possibly, like me, you have been hooked on an outstanding summer of sport. Regular readers of my blogs will know that I take inspiration from all manner of experiences and walks of life and I bring them back to use in my IT Project Management efforts. Inevitably, I have been immensely motivated by t...
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Benchmarking your PMO for the sake of your business

When Innotas carried out its annual survey of Project Management professionals, one overriding and crucial message leapt out at me from the report. Metrics by which project success and PMO success are measured are dangerously misaligned, not just with each other but with business strategy. The Innot...
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A promotion is nice, a bonus is quickly squandered, in IT Project Management, it's praise that pays

When motivating IT Project Management team members, praise, gratitude and recognition for 'a job well done' can be as powerful as a raise, a bonus or a promotion. If not more so. Think about it yourself. Your monthly salary is what you've earned in return for your services - that's what's owed to yo...
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How better IT can lead to better outcomes for charities and their recipients

Charities and not for profit organisations are under unprecedented scrutiny about how they allocate funds donated by the public. From remuneration packages awarded to CEOs to the cost of essential administration and advertising, it seems that everyone has a view. It's fair enough. After all, when yo...
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3 pillars of IT Service Delivery success - It's easy to make good decisions when there are no bad options

US businessman Robert Half said, "It's easy to make good decisions when there are no bad options." I often think of this quote when embarking upon engagement of vendors for an IT project or consulting on IT service delivery. It can feel like that and anyone who has ever made a bad IT decision will i...
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Too much information! How IT project process can get lost in the clutter

“A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” Herbert A. Simon Given that it's called Information Technology, is it surprising that many organisations are unknowingly compromising their strategic business and IT Project effectiveness through information overload? Actually, given the amou...
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Third Force News publishes article on Stoneseed’s work with charity Action for Children

In an article published on the Third Force News website, Stoneseed’s Managing Director, Jamie Buttle, explains how better IT can lead to better outcomes for charities and their recipients. In the piece, titled ‘Is IT helping or hindering your charity?’, Jamie discusses Stoneseed’s recent work with c...
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Stoneseed Services now available on G-Cloud 8 Framework

Stoneseed Ltd is delighted to be awarded a place on the Government’s Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 8 framework. we are listed on lot 4 within G-Cloud 8 –Specialist Cloud Services. All 3 services that Stoneseed submitted for consideration were successfully included and will be available on the Digital ...
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Stoneseed are finalists in the East Midlands Chamber 2016 Business Awards

Finalists have been announced for the East Midlands Chamber 2016 Business Awards. We proud to be finalists in the Nottinghamshire Small Business of the Year category. There are eleven categories in each county this year and the winner of the overall Business of the Year award in each county will be ...
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To avoid IT project management failure - strip rank of its privileges

As you climb the IT Project Management career ladder you may find that your experience and seniority brings you benefits that you didn't enjoy back at the start ... Rank has its privileges after all. However, could it also have its problems? In my experience, there are numerous instances where a sen...
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Could inadequate assessment of risk be the reason so many IT projects fail?

The benefits of incorporating risk management into the DNA of your IT Projects are huge. However, I have been asked to consult on a number of IT projects where inadequate risk evaluation has led to delays, extra costs and even potential project failure. Sadly, it isn’t just my anecdotal experiences....
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