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Stoneseed Multisourcing Service Desk Goes Live

Stoneseed announces the launch of the Multisourcing Service Desk; by providing a single point of ingress into our ‘best of breed’ Multisourcing model, the Service Desk provides support for possibly the broadest range of applications available from any support partner.
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Major equipment manufacturer chooses Multisourcing

A major equipment manufacturer chooses Multisourcing to optimise vendor management and cut support costs. A British based, global manufacturing organisation has contracted with Stoneseed to provide a Managed Service, consolidating support across 18 disparate server applications through a single poin...
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What is the Key to Outsourcing and Mitigating Risk?

Costs are rising, vendor risks are changing ... so how robust or fragile are your supply chain management structures? From the SME to the largest of global corporations no one is too big to fail, no one is immune but on the flip side no one is beyond taking steps now to navigate post credit crunch t...
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For a Government You’re Not So Hot On Governance

The government's flagship universal credit welfare reform is a text book example of the need for robust governance when embarking on any IT outsourcing project. The conclusion from the spending watchdog that it has been badly managed, is "overambitious" and poor value for money is one that we hear r...
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How to Optimise Your Structure For Business Advantage

Microsoft has announced a "far-reaching realignment of the company that will enable us to innovate with greater speed, efficiency and capability in a fast changing world." When a giant like Microsoft takes a long hard look at itself and elects for a massive culture change perhaps that's the time for...
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The Secret of Evolving IT Practices (and Open Windows)

A snail, a spider and a wasp. Across the morning and in that order had to be expelled from my kitchen today. I was quite happy of the distraction, the blog I had to write about how to cope with ever advancing IT and the challenges that it brings was not writing itself. Funny where inspiration comes ...
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What Are the Risks and Opportunities of Bring Your Own Device?

It's started and you can't stop it. Your employees are bringing smart phones, tablets and laptops into the workplace and they expect to be connected to everything in the same way that they expect a lunch break and hot water for a refreshing cup of midmorning tea. Actually, you probably don't want to...
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Is lack of ITIL based ITSM the reason why your previous outsourcing strategies have failed to deliver?

Why have previous outsourcing strategies not delivered for your organisation? It's difficult to say for sure but the following checklist might help identify weaknesses in your strategy. Grab a coffee and benchmark your strategy against the following or better yet, make enough coffee for two and get ...
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Exciting New Opportunity for an Experienced Programme Manager

Following further expansion we are now seeking an experienced Programme Manager to join the team based in the Nottinghamshire/South Yorkshire area. The first major assignment will be working with a leading UK holiday company; you will be Programme Managing IT Infrastructure and System deployments wi...
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London Olympics – Showcase for Multisourcing

Leading industry analysts, Gartner, cites London Olympics as a further example of how complex IT Programs can be most effectively delivered using a Multisourcing model. This could form the blueprint for any complex business transformation program which involves a multitude of IT and business stakeho...
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