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Could Project Management as a Service Be the Margin Between Failure and Success?

As we enter the second half of 2014, many businesses and organisations are wrestling with a difficult question. When it comes to IT Project Management do you buy in or develop in-house? And it matters. Quality project management is a critical factor - it can be the difference between success and fai...
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Podcast - A fresh approach to Project Management

Recorded at a recent event, Andrew Buxton and Jamie Buttle from Stoneseed explain the company's innovative new approach to project management. Stoneseed presents a fresh approach to Programme and Project Management Services Register for our Executive Breakfast Seminar Listen to our PodcastProject Ma...
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Ten Point Ticklist to Avoid IT Project Fail - And perhaps an even easier way

According to a recent survey, half of businesses suffered an IT project fail in the past year1. Looking on the bright side that means that half of businesses either haven't had an IT project fail, or they're lying (or at least they're not owning up - who likes fessing up to failure?) Almost three qu...
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The Future of Project Management?

The economy is trending upwards and as the country emerges blinking from the dark depths of recession, companies and organisations are starting to take a fresh look at their IT project ambitions. Meanwhile, an interesting development in the contractor/client relationship is being recognised up and d...
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Stoneseed Project Management as a Service Event Announcement

Stoneseed announce the date of their exclusive Executive breakfast Seminar:Introducing Project Management as a Service.The event will be held in the month of October at the prestigious British Library in London.Stoneseed will present a fresh approach to Programme and Project Management Services. Whe...
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What does the 'I' in CIO really stand for?

There was a really interesting tweet from @ValaAfshar the other day: "The I in CIO is about integration, innovation, imagination, intelligence, infrastructure, and information." This is especially "i" for interesting because recently the driver of all these other "i"s in the IT world have become muc...
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5 Big Pitfalls of Outsourcing and How Multisourcing Addresses Them

There are many advantages and disadvantages to outsourcing functions and services, on the whole, with proper governance the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Consider each of the outsourcing disadvantages listed here and the impact they would have on your business. If the outsourcing disadvantages ...
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New USB Type C - A metaphor for IT outsourcing, buying and consultancy

It's dark and try as you will you just can't get it in. It's especially tricky if you've had a few drinks at the end of a stressful, long day. It's OK, it happens a lot. But, it seems that one of your biggest issues is about to be resolved. If you've tried to plug in a USB connector to your laptop o...
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What your business MUST learn TODAY from the hack

Tesco has had to deactivate a large number of its customers' internet accounts after their login names and passwords were compromised and shared on a popular text-sharing website. Over 2,000 accounts were compromised by hackers, Tesco says, using details previously stolen from other sites....
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The BBC's mission was to educate and inform

How DMI can educate you in the merits of multisourcing. Slightly mixed feelings about this ... as a champion of multisourcing it's great that such a large and high profile organisation like the BBC has given an illustration of many of the reasons why multisourcing makes great business sense. As a li...
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Did The Recession Kill Innovation in Outsourcing - did it really ever exist?

A very common complaint that we hear from outsourcing customers is that previously, IT suppliers had lacked innovation. As a vendor, it's a harsh complaint to hear when you have met the cost reduction targets that were set out as the key driver for outsourcing in the first place. So what is innovati...
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Get Cyber Streetwise - How BYOD Could Expose Your Business to Internet Threats

If your employees walked in through your reception door with mud all over the soles of their shoes and then walked that mud into the carpet ... all the way up the corridor - you'd probably have a word or two with them. In the age of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) your employees are now using their own...
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The Simple ABC That Could Help You Decide Whether Office 365 Is Right For You

There has been a lot of hype surrounding Office 365, almost impossible to miss it. You might be considering 365 for yourself or your organization or, maybe, one of your clients might have asked you if it would work for them. In many instances 365 can be perfect but before you hand over your card det...
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Stoneseed's 365 Blog Featured in Business Computing World

Stoneseed's recent blog, Is Microsoft Office 365 Right For You? A Simple ABC Checklist, has been featured in the current edition of Business Computing World. Written by Stoneseed Professional Services Director, David Cotgreave, the article explores the criteria that determine if Microsoft Office 365...
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Why are the majority of UK businesses leaving themselves open to cyber attack?

They've launched a mission to the moon, they are an economic superpower, but when it comes to keeping their tech updated, it seems that China is rather lagging behind. The Chinese government is said to be appealing to Microsoft to extend support for Windows XP. They fear an explosion in piracy and a...
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Office 365 ... Cloud or a Misty Fog of Hype?

Are you considering a move to Microsoft Office 365? There are many advantages and vendors are quick to list them but there are also many considerations to factor in. It's a business critical decision and as such you should be certain that 365 fits your business case rather than moulding your operati...
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UK Government Learns a lesson in Multisourcing vs Outsourcing

Outsourcing is getting a bit of a bashing lately. Analysis of the (UK) Government’s controversial £100bn “outsourcing” programmes found private firms “creaming off” easy cases while “parking” problematic ones. The implication being that they could make easy profits from the easy cases, “gaming the s...
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RIP Outsourcing, Welcome to the World, Multisourcing

Remember the first time IT outsourcing was discussed in your organisation? What was the primary driver ... cutting costs? How things have evolved since then! Ten years later and whilst cost cutting is probably still your FD's main driver other business and strategic drivers have gained in importance...
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How to Drive the Outsourcing Process

In the past a firm either ran its own IT department or it contracted out - outsourced to a company that did it for them. IT outsourcing has been around for donkey's years and it hasn't really changed much throughout those years. Technology, the IT industry and the needs of the client have changed th...
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How To Get Better, More Aligned IT Services

Have you noticed the trend? Increasing numbers of public sector organisations are reorganising their core functional requirements into 'towers'. Each tower is managed and co-ordinated by an overall service integration and management (new buzz word alert! SIAM) function either run internally or by wa...
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