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Published in - 'Nine benefits of outsourcing IT project management'

LATEST NEWS – Stoneseed’s Professional Services Director David Cotgreave, has a new monthly blog spot in called Straight Talk on Project Management. The first blog is now live, entitled ‘Nine benefits of Outsourcing IT Project Management’ Nine Benefits of Outsourcing IT Project Management Th...
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Valuable IT Lessons That Can Be Learned From RBSs' Experience - The best investment in your computer systems that you'll ever make

Full credit to RBS for (fairly) quickly sorting out their latest computer glitch that saw more than half a million payments go AWOL temporarily - and while customers affected were irate, I did feel some sympathy for them and also gratitude for some valuable IT lessons that we can all learn - here I'...
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For The IT Department, It's The End Of The World As You Know It Or The Dawn Of A Brave New Era. And Ultimately You Get To Choose

For the IT department, it's the end of the world as YOU know it or the dawn of a brave new era. And ultimately YOU get to choose! It’s either the end of the world as YOU know it or the dawn of a brave new era – depending on where YOU stand on the readiness spectrum! In their recent worldwide survey ...
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Knowing When To Say No

I’ve written much about “Why Projects Fail” and each time most of the reasons are out there ... someone else’s fault. But... What if, as a project management professional, you were to take a long hard look at yourself? Could there be any areas where your behaviour could cause a project to fail? It t...
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Why CIOs Should Love Project Managers

"Only two CIOs I’ve ever worked for over the past 15 years have really cared about Project Management." These are the words of Colin Ellis, a CIO from Australia, in his fascinating blog "CIOs need to care more about project management"1 published by He goes on, "Don’t get me wrong, the rest...
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The Perfect Project Manager

I’ve read a lot of articles about the characteristics of a Project Manager. Any Project Manager can follow a process, run around at the last minute and get everyone else running around to deliver a project - Project Management on the fly ……… But, great Project Managers are born with the right skills...
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How To Know Which IT Support Service Is Right For Your Business – 7 Great Questions To Ask

Choosing IT Support is often daunting. So let’s go back to first principles, set aside processes and standards such as COBIT and ITIL and look at the basic business needs. Most SMEs at this crossroad will have previously relied on someone in-house, a tech savvy staff member who would swing by your d...
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Why IT Partners Will Serve You Better Than Vendors. Seven Key Areas Where A Partner Relationship Trumps a Vendor

There are many competent vendors in the UK IT market who are able to sell fit-for-purpose, best-of-breed technology solutions that meet the stated requirements. The problem is that often your requirements can be really vague at best, and if you’re not very careful you can end up buying in something ...
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The Eight Habits of Highly Effective Project Managers

If you're an IT Project Manager, it's a horrible feeling isn't it? A Project that has failed. Mix together how it would feel to be a football manager whose team selections over a season led to relegation, with the emotions of an Olympic athlete who after 4 years of sacrifice and preparation, steps o...
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“Making Tax Easy” – Plans Like This Call For Multisourced Solutions, Mr Osborne

In his budget in March, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne laid out plans to move UK tax payers away from paper tax returns to a new online model in a rollout timetable that has been described by PwC as “highly ambitious”. In what the government is calling “a bold vision for a new, modern ta...
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A Woolly Brief Doesn't Mean You Should Fleece Your Client

The 7 rules of “clientside” operation that will make your client love you This is the story of how I saved a client over £32k on an IT project contract someone else won. Intrigued? Our client, a large nationwide operation with sites across the UK and some “exciting challenges” within their IT infras...
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In the Search For Successful Project Outcomes - Context is Key

I heard a pundit on the radio this week talking about different styles of football management. He was listing the names of football coaches who would obdurately stick to their pre-match game plan no matter what, they were intractable and enjoyed a degree of success and then he listed those managers ...
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400 Days Later UK Government IT Is In-line With Its Users' Needs and Multisourcing Is the Star of the Show

Quite a debate has blown around how the UK Government procures IT services. Rightly or wrongly, it's not very often that the private sector can look to the public sector for inspiration, but a revamp of the Government's Digital Service is worth learning a few lessons from. To summarise recent achiev...
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Project Management as a Service - Certainty in Transition, Enforced Improvisation and Spontaneity

"Ropes of enforced improvisation and spontaneity that unravel and entwine between pillars of carefully choreographed certainty". I thought that this was a rather charming description of the reality of running a Project Management Function. The CIO who shared this insight with me was referring to a r...
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Stoneseed in Directory of Best Project Management Sites

LATEST NEWS - Stoneseed has been listed in the Directory of Best Project Management Sites on Project Accelerator News "Stoneseed's blog is a great source of Project Management focused articles, advice and tips." Read the Directory Project Accelerator News is a great resource for with the latest tren...
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Stoneseed quoted in article on

LATEST NEWS - Stoneseed's David Cotgreave has been quoted in an article on! The Key to using Technology successfully : How SMEs can retain good project managers  by Hunter Ruthven : "Over a third of companies plan to hire staff with project management skills in the next 12 months,...
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The 7 Predicted Project Management Trends For 2015 That Have Already Happened ... And We're Still Only In Q1!

At the back end of last year a number of organisations, like Gartner and ESI1, made some predictions about Project Management (PM) trends for 2015. The New Year is still in its infancy but it is interesting to see how many have already started to surface in reality. Here I've distilled some of them ...
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Teachable Moment: Chunking and Gating – Differences Between Success & Failure

In my experience of IT Project Management across various industry sectors and with organisations of different sizes, one teachable skill resonates as the stimulus for successful delivery – I call it chunking and gating, others give it different names and do it to varying degrees but the principal is...
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Get Your PMO Delivering Your Growth Plans - 7 Great Tips

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has lowered its forecast for global economic growth for this year and next. Thing is, IMF seems to have forgotten to tell everyone I know – because they're all predicting growth for their business in 2015 and 2016. And it's not all talk either ... Many are embar...
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The 7 Biggest Benefits of IT Project Management in Construction Industry

Although growth in the construction industry slowed in the last three months of 2014, the UK's booming property market contributed to the best year for British builders since 1997. However, margins are tighter than ever and with increasingly punitive clauses being written into contracts for delays t...
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