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What England Rugby can learn from IT Project Management

As I write this, the world (or the southern hemisphere at least) is excitedly waiting for the Rugby World Cup Final at Twickenham. I have been following the tournament since that first kick back in mid-September and as an Englishman I had hoped that Saturday's final may have featured my home nation,...
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Book your PMO in for a service - before you run it into the ground

Blog previously published in Why you should treat your Project Management Office like an vehicle, maintain it and service it regularly to avoid costly breakdowns or new parts... Did you ever run a car into the ground? You didn't have the time or the money perhaps to get it serviced? It crep...
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Retaining Project Managers Is Hard - Be Smart Retain Project Management Capability Instead

In a fairly recent ESI Talent Survey, 67% of UK executives expressed concern about losing top project talent to other organisations. It's a statistic that I've meditated on quite a lot since I first read it back in December. I've been looking for a solution, an oasis of calm for almost seven out ten...
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Making A Great Project Manager - Look Beyond The Job Spec To Find The Best Fit With Your Organisation's Culture

"So, what kind of person makes a great Project Manager?" It was a Friday afternoon, we had pretty much finished our business and were discussing the weekend. The question caught me a little off-guard. The client asking it has a similar sense of humour to mine, so instead of just reeling off the list...
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  1583 Hits publishes Stoneseed Blog - How to keep pace with the speed of Technology Innovation

Stoneseeds Professional Services Director David Cotgreave’s blog on how to keep pace with the speed of technology innovation has been published on IT Project Management - As more science fiction becomes fact, Choosing the right partner can help your business keep up with ever-changing IT te...
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Give Your IT Projects A Sporting Chance. Make Project Management As A Service The First Name On Your Team Sheet

Dan Yurman, Senior Project Manager at Affinity, Inc. has written an intelligent LinkedIn blog about the pros and cons of Project Management as a Service. I particularly like his elevator pitch for the concept which he says 'offers cost containment, control in delivery of projects with dedicated PM p...
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Project Managers Must Develop “Executive Habits” To Get Greater Business Project Outcomes

IT Projects facilitate fulfilment of business strategy, they are the wheels of organisational change and the grease that makes them turn smoothly and most crucially, how they are executed can be the difference between failure and success - or more positively between success and the kind of success t...
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New Blog Post!

Stoneseed's Professional Services Director David Cotgreave’s blog about the pros and cons of Project Management as a Service has been published in Project Accelerator News. Give your IT Projects a sporting chance. Make Project Management as a Service the first name on your team sheet. Read more...
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Why You Should Outsource Your IT Project Management - PMaaS, The New Kid on the Block!

There are plenty of great reasons to outsource the PM function. But first, let's re-examine the outsourcing conundrum and take a fresh look at Project Management as a Service – the new kid on the block. For outsourced Project Management to work, to really work, your external contractor must fit with...
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Ditch Complex P@$$W0rd$ In Favour Of Effective Cyber Protection – Says GCHQ

Britain's intelligence agency, GCHQ, has released new guidelines on passwords for your online and work accounts that seem to be rather at odds with 'conventional thinking'. After years of encouraging complex passwords made up of numbers, characters and both upper and lower case letters the suggestio...
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Could A Fresh Pair Of Eyes Provide A Clear View Of Your Future IT Business Needs?

Can you remember how your IT infrastructure looked a decade ago? IT staff busy plugging cables into network switches by day and pulling all-nighters to upgrade systems and swap over hard-drives while their colleagues slept blissfully unaware. If, for example, you have migrated any part of your opera...
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IT Outsourcing in the UK set to grow and IT is leading business change.

Encouraging news for providers of outsourced IT services as another study shows that demand for their services in the UK will continue to grow. However, (and it’s a good ‘however’), respondents to the study by Whitelane Research also expressed a greater desire for their outsourced services to delive...
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Project Management – Successful Outcomes Won & Lost In The Numbers

I'm often parachuted into organisations to consult with or coach project managers and leaders who have become lost. It could be that a project has blown off course from its business aligned goals, it could be running late or over budget, perhaps key project talent keeps leaving or in some cases the ...
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Nine Benefits Of Outsourcing Project Management

In a meeting with a prospective client this week, I was asked about the advantages of hiring in Project Management talent in the same way that many other elements of an organisation’s IT estate are now bought in “as a Service”. Before I answered, I asked what he thought good service looked like. As ...
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Project Management blog published in CIO

NEW CIO Blog: Why You Should Outsource Your Project Management. David Cotgreave, Professional services director for Stoneseed has written a new article about why you should be outsourcing your Project Management. The IDG Contributor Network is a collection of blogs published in national magazine CIO...
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Windows 10. First Read This, Then Start Planning

Often a good measure of industry enthusiasm for a new OS is the range of products that original equipment manufacturers rush to market to run it. And on the strength of this touchstone Windows 10 is going to be a winner! Dell, HP, Lenovo and others are releasing new PCs, laptops, tablets and all-in-...
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Clientside - The Secret To Success As IT Outsourcing Moves From Manic Multisourcing To Strategic Alignment

IT outsourcing, for many organisations, is a pendulum that has swung from buying in everything from one major player to a frenzied multisourced environment where the client organisation outsources chunks of IT to what it considers to be best in breed vendors for that speciality. In most cases, neith...
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When Legacy Becomes Lunacy! Could Your Legacy Technology Be Stifling Innovation?

It's often a derogatory term at the best of times, labelling a system "legacy" implies that it is out of date and needs replacing, but recent IT failures caused by so called "legacy systems" may have elevated the term and the concept to a new level of risk. From IT failures that leave banking custom...
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Lead Capability and Manage Competencies. IT Leaders Need To Sharpen Their Saw

Is your organisation so busy dealing with today's issues that you don't have time to build the IT capabilities needed for tomorrow? I ask the question because it's come up a few times in client conversations lately and I'm reminded of the parable Stephen Covey shares in his book "The 7 Habits of Hig...
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Balancing The IT Project Management Skills You Need With The Talent & The Resources You Have - Is PMaaS The Silver Bullet?

"To achieve success in all the projects that my Project Management Office is handling I need either an extra twenty staff or an extra twenty hours in the week." Sound vaguely familiar? Not enough hands on deck, not enough time...? Perhaps you find that your Project Management capabilities are lackin...
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