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The 4 Great Questions That Will Ensure You Get Maximum Value From Outsourcing


When considering outsourcing, how can you ensure you get the best deal and optimise your operations?

Ask the following four simple questions of any IT/vendor/outsourcing relationship that you are about to enter into and you can assess how suited to your brief that action path is.

1 - Has the sharp suited sales guy with all the patter really understood your organisation?

How can you prescribe without first understanding? Imagine a doctor taking that approach and prescribing a treatment plan based on his paradigm rather than that of the patient's, prescribing medicines he'd seen on the shelf or that he had prescribed lots before to different patients.

If your vendor or outsourcing partner has not understood your business goals and technology requirements then you are not ready to sign a deal.

2 - Have your IT support and service requirements been compartmentalised into their constituent parts?

To get maximum efficiencies it is important to treat each part as a separate commodity, IT is no longer the single stop shop, off the rack, one size fits all product that it once was. Of course, you can still buy your IT that way - in the same way that you can do all your household food shopping in one supermarket but sometimes there's a better deal, a better fit down the road - imagine if you could push a single trolley and still pick and choose from all the supermarkets' offers. Multisourcing gives you the pick of the best deals, the best fits to your IT needs through a single contract.

3 - Has the Audition process been thorough? Did you and/or your outsourcing partner identify, select, negotiate, engage with the service providers most appropriate for your organisation and its needs? Audition of potential vendors should be exhaustive and based on a whole market perspective, quick fix outsourcing or choosing a partner based exclusively on cost rarely yields full potential.

4 - Are you confident the deal you are about to sign provides you with complete visibility, control and governance throughout the lifecycle of the agreement? How flexible are the terms of the deal to adapt to the ever changing IT landscape?

At Stoneseed the value we deliver is clear and proven. Through our experience and expertise will first seek to understand your needs, where you are at and where you want to go and proactively plan, enable and then manage service delivery throughout your contract’s lifecycle.

Doing this cost reductions to your existing managed services contracts of up to 30% are often achievable.

These four questions are a great start, for a greater idea of what potential lies beyond simple outsourcing Stoneseed offers a free half day analysis. With you, one of our senior consultants will profile your organisation.

You receive a detailed report with our recommendations, including but not exclusively,

1 - IT strategy, procurement and management

2 - Aligining IT to strategy and goals

3 - Realisable savings

4 - Return on Investment

5 - Recommended partner organisations

You can manage all of your IT requirements under a single, flexible multisourcing agreement, it saves money in the majority of cases and it will cost you nothing to find out.

Contact us to learn more about how Multisourcing from Stoneseed can help you to ensure high-quality, dynamic and cost effective IT services.

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