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5 Project Manager resolutions for the New Year

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It’s that time of year where we make resolutions make for the New Year.

Below, we have listed a few that you might consider, as a Project Manager, to not only improve your Project delivery but to help you improve your own skills.

  1. Set some realistic goals

Did you struggle to meet the goals you set for yourself in 2020? Is it because you made them unachievable and unrealistic? Instead of setting goals that are out of reach, keep it simple and use the SMART method to set them: Specific. Measurable. Attractive. Realistic and Time-related.

  1. Communication

You have a team to manage and stakeholders to satisfy. The best way to keep things moving and ensure that your Project gets delivered on time and on budget is to communicate. If you’ve been finding that your current ways of communication aren’t working very well, find new ones! There is no one way to sort out problems or convey messages so keep looking until you find a way that works for you. Better communication allows for less misunderstandings.

  1. Don’t be afraid of failure.

There were quite a few blogs about Project Failure. The one thing we should take away from a failed project, is not the feeling of failure but the ability to identify why it went wrong, learn from the mistakes and put processes in place to make sure we can avoid making them again.

There is a older but still relevant Stoneseed blog that talks about how failing can be the key to success.

  1. Concentrate on the important things.

It can be easy to get carried away with the wrong task, there are so many to consider! So, for any Projects you’ve got coming up in the New Year, spend some time figuring out which of your tasks add little value to the delivery and spend less time on them!

  1. Try something new

Have you been using the same methodology but want to try something new? The same methodology doesn’t always work for every Project but if you’re not quite convinced to swap to a completely new method, why not try the hybrid approach?


Good luck with your New Year resolutions 

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