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Stoneseed: building a culture that delivers project success

I’m really proud of our people and our culture at Stoneseed, they are the reason why our clients enjoy the successful project outcomes that they do, and they are why coming to work feels like getting together with your family.

Like most businesses, at the time of writing this, a hybrid of office working, and work-from-home (WFH) has become the norm again. During a recent virtual meeting, I sat back in my chair and looked at the faces on my laptop screen and burst with pride! In every square was a team member who always brings their ‘A-game’, always unfailingly does the right thing by the client and for the project and always lives and breathes the culture.

This blog is partly to say thank you to them and partly to introduce you to the kind of people you’ll be working with when you join Stoneseed (or trust us to help you deliver your IT projects).

Anonymous Feedback
At Stoneseed, we constantly check in with the team. Any IT Project deserves the best people, giving it their all, all the time – from green light to delivery. At Stoneseed we’re very selective in our recruitment process (peer profiling delivers quality colleagues, time and again), we’re meticulous in our onboarding and Stoneseed is resolute in our commitment to the constant development of our people. It’s why, as a client, you know you’re in safe hands and why, when you work with and for Stoneseed, you’ll be a better YOU today than you were yesterday.

We regularly ask for anonymous feedback from our colleagues. Recent dialogue with our people returned some heart-warming responses. As one of the architects of the Stoneseed culture, it was delightful to see it reflected in the thoughts and feelings of my colleagues. It also demonstrates why Stoneseed has such a strong team mix of skills, it highlights the wide range of industries and sectors we work with and how, engaging with Stoneseed, a project benefits from an injection of fresh perspectives and skill sets.

Meet the family
Surveying your staff is always quite nerve racking – I was going to say, even for a business that works as hard on its culture as Stoneseed. Actually, when an organisation designs and develops a culture, feedback from colleagues is even more nervously anticipated. It matters what your people think!

So, when the feedback generated unsolicited acknowledgement of the diversity of projects, organisations and sectors, highlighted the broadening of knowledge and skills and the pride that our people take in, not only, their own performance but that of the company as a whole – we were delighted.

Exciting range of opportunities and challenges
For instance, one Project Manager shared, “An attractive part of a role with Stoneseed is that your project profession diversifies quickly, adjusting to how different organisations operate which enables you to have different, new and innovative ideas on project management each time you meet a new client, it broadens your knowledge.”

Another Principal Project Manager touched on the depth and range of Stoneseed’s capability, remarking, “I love the variety, the complexity, and the exhilaration of taking on a range of diverse and challenging projects. You don’t get that variety in most places. This is what makes us so great at what we do, because we have such a diverse skill set, and it is what allows us to continually grow and exceed as a business. So, you feel both personally and professionally proud.”

That range of different sectors shines through in this comment by one of Stoneseed’s Technical Advisory Managers “I like the fact that you are exposed to lots of different industries, which would be very difficult with an in-house role.”

And the same Technical Advisory Manager highlighted the trust and light-touch management (a result of the peer profiling and onboarding), “I like the way in which I am managed “hands-off” – trusted to get on with the job without being closely monitored while treated like a valued employee. Everyone is approachable, reasonable, and honest. No politics. I also like the way we are kept involved in the wider picture, to become invested with the company as a whole.”

That personal investment by individuals in the company as a whole is echoed in the thoughts of a Project Manager, “Stoneseed does such a great job in making you feel like you are a part of the company and its success. We discuss company performance and how we can impact it, so you really do feel a sense of pride working here.”

Another Project Manager emphasizes the duty of care that is embedded in the culture, “I am always impressed how the management go out of their way to make sure staff are happy. I only have good things to say about Stoneseed and I’m very grateful for a job I love and working with such amazing people.

I touched upon this at the start, when I looked at the participants on the virtual meeting, I felt a strong sense that I was with my family! I love that, even challenging days are better when you have your family around you!

“I think the biggest thing for me with Stoneseed is the feeling of family. I can safely say that I’ve never felt more welcomed into a company than I did on my first day. Everyone made me feel like I was already a part of the family, and gave me a real sense of belonging, but also eased any worries I had about fitting in, being good enough and succeeding in the role,” replied one of our Business Analysts. 

Development and support
Another Project Manager touched on the continuing development and support that is a pillar of our culture, writing, “Since joining Stoneseed, the support I’ve received has been fantastic, and I feel that I truly have people I can rely on to help, if I need it. The leadership team are down to earth, always visible and are fantastic at looking after everyone and ensuring that everyone feels valued and cared for. What this does is gives me confidence to perform my role to the best of my ability for clients, autonomously as a consultant, but always knowing that I’ve got a fantastic support network that has my back.”

Conclusion – join Stoneseed
What this all means is that, as an IT Project professional, you know that your career is in safe hands. Were you to leave us, you won’t want to leave us, why would you ever leave us? But say you did – you’d be measurably better, with massively more depth to your experience, knowledge and skills, and a very real sense that YOU were an integral part of the success created during your time at Stoneseed.

What it means to you as a client, is peace of mind. The knowledge that your project is in the hands of people THIS invested in “the day-to-day” that will deliver your business outcomes and needs. Read some of the comments back – when you hire Stoneseed, you’re hiring this level of switched-on talent!

We’re always looking out for new talent and new input!

Join us
“I can honestly say, hands down, that Stoneseed is the best company I’ve ever worked for, and I would recommend working here to anyone. You will be respected, encouraged, supported and well looked-after,” one of our Principal Business Analysts told us.

This was backed up by the thoughts of this Business Analyst, “Stoneseed is a great place to work if you are looking for a company that values a positive work environment. The leadership really values each employee making you feel like a part of the Stoneseed family. This inspires a great sense of loyalty and a fun, innovative work ethic. The work itself is diverse and engaging, you’re given the freedom to forge your own path and contribute to the success of the company.” 

Earlier, I described myself as an architect of the Stoneseed culture. On reflection, growing the culture within a business is very much a team effort and we believe, collectively, we’ve made Stoneseed a great place to work, a place to challenge yourself and develop your career.

If there’s a talented project professional that you would recommend, or would like to join our team yourself, visit our careers page. Stoneseed’s Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) and other ‘aaS’ channels offer great career progression opportunities. Our services portfolio offers a true end to end service, from IT Advisory, Business Analysis Services, Technical Advisory and PMO Services through to Programme & Project Delivery – be part of it!

PS If you are reading this as a prospective client and you do want talent of this calibre working with you on your IT Project, we’re happy to hear from you too

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